Imran trapped in Shehbaz-Sena’s ‘London Plan’, heavy police force entered the house as soon as he left for the hearing – न्यूज़लीड India

Imran trapped in Shehbaz-Sena’s ‘London Plan’, heavy police force entered the house as soon as he left for the hearing

Imran trapped in Shehbaz-Sena’s ‘London Plan’, heavy police force entered the house as soon as he left for the hearing

Imran Khan has left to appear in the court and after the police barged into his house, he has said that he will be arrested in the court. The government does not want them to contest elections.


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Updated: Saturday, March 18, 2023, 14:28 [IST]

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Imran Khan News

Imran Khan News:
Pakistan’s former Prime Minister Imran Khan is trapped in Shehbaz Sharif’s plan and Lahore police have barged into his house today as soon as he leaves for appearance in Islamabad court. As long as Imran Khan was in his Zaman Park residence, his supporters had made his house a camp, so the police could not arrest him, but as soon as Imran Khan came out to appear in the court, the police chased away his supporters. has entered his house. According to the report of Geo News, the camps that were set up in Imran’s residence have been demolished and now the arrest of Imran Khan is being considered as fixed.

Police entered Imran’s house

As soon as PTI chairman Imran Khan leaves for Islamabad to appear before him in the Toshakhana case, Punjab Police has finally ‘occupied’ his Zaman Park residence and arrested over 20 party workers so far, reports Geo News. Has gone. At the same time, Imran Khan has tweeted that he will be ‘arrested’ and has termed the Lahore police’s entry into his residence as an attack on his house. Let us tell you that the police and PTI supporters recently fought fiercely outside the former Prime Minister’s house in Lahore and more than 50 police personnel were injured and after that the police had to return without arresting Imran. . On the other hand, now that Imran Khan has reached the court, the police have camped at his residence.

Supporters removed from residence

According to Geo, Lahore police has launched a massive operation to clear Imran Khan’s residence area and all the supporters have been chased away. Before entering Imran Khan’s residence, the police said in a statement that “Section 144 is in force and everyone is advised to leave.” Pakistani news channels showed the police driving a bulldozer to the main gate of Imran Khan’s house and entering the house, detaining several PTI workers. The police also claimed that in response to their operation, shots were fired from inside Imran Khan’s house and petrol bombs were thrown. At the same time, after the agreement between the administration and PTI on Friday regarding the search in Zaman Park, the house of Imran Khan, a heavy contingent of police was deployed in the area. As per the agreement, Imran Khan was to appear in the Lahore High Court today. It is believed that this plan was made only to get Imran Khan out of the house in which he is trapped and now Imran Khan himself believes that he will be arrested from the court and sent directly to jail.

‘Bushra Begum is alone at home’

Condemning the police action, PTI chief Imran Khan said, “Police have attacked my house in Zaman Park, where Bushra Begum is alone”. Imran Khan has asked the question, “Under what law are they doing this?” Imran Khan insisted that this is part of the “London Plan”, where commitments have been made to bring fugitive Nawaz Sharif to power. Imran Khan has also released a video for his supporters, in which he has accused Shehbaz Sharif that the government does not want him to contest the elections. In his tweet, Imran Khan said, “It is now also clear that the entire siege of Lahore was not to ensure that I appear before the court in a case, but to send me to jail, So that I cannot lead the election campaign.”

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Pakistan’s police barged into Imran Khan’s house and beat up PTI supporters and chased them away. See, how Shahbaz Sharif’s police is lathi-charged on Imran’s supporters.

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