In the minister’s hometown, the district CEO is accused of dictatorship, the chairman-members have to boycott – न्यूज़लीड India

In the minister’s hometown, the district CEO is accused of dictatorship, the chairman-members have to boycott

Madhya Pradesh

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Updated: Thursday, November 10, 2022, 23:56 [IST]

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Savita Singh, wife of Prithvi Singh, nephew of Urban Development and Housing Minister Bhupendra, and daughter-in-law of the minister, is the district president in Sagar’s district panchayat of Sagar, Madhya Pradesh. His and District CEO Dr. Manisha Chaturvedi’s track is not sitting. There is a tussle over the functioning of the CEO and not working by taking the members including the chairman into confidence. The CEO did not reach the meeting on time during the pre-determined general meeting meeting last day. He sent BDO and PCO in his place. After waiting for about half an hour and a half, the chairman and the members boycotted the meeting. Even before this, the meeting has been boycotted due to the functioning of the CEO.

The CEO is eyeing the daughter-in-law of the minister and the district president

According to the information, a meeting of the general assembly was organized in the Janpad Panchayat Sagar last day. In the meeting held from 2 o’clock onwards, all the members including Speaker Savita Prithvi Singh were present. Here after waiting for about half an hour, CEO Dr. Manisha Singh was absent from the meeting. Due to which all the members and the Speaker got angry and boycotted the meeting. The staff members of the CEO’s office were also scolded. In this case, it is being told that the side told by the CEO had gone from court work. He had authorized BDO and PCO to sit in the meeting in his place.

President’s allegation – CEO is insulting the members
District President Savita Singh alleges that CEO Dr. Manisha Chaturvedi is continuously insulting the democratically elected members. During the meeting two days ago, district member Chandrashekhar Ghureta had raised the question. In this, he had asked why there is a gathering of unwanted people in the office, on which the CEO immediately looked at the member and said who are you? And in what capacity are you asking? When other members present in the meeting told that the questioners were district members, they became silent.

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District members making serious allegations like corruption
District member Sanjay Monty Yadav alleged that the CEO is constantly ignoring the members. His subordinate staff is surrounded by corrupt and touts. The district office has been made a den of corruption. Some broker type people stay here for the whole day. When questioned, the CEO behaves indecisively. Five meetings were held since the swearing-in of which all the members unanimously boycotted. The reason for this is the CEO.

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