In the name of adopting a child, the agent first cheated the couple of 9 lakhs, then took a loan on their documents. – न्यूज़लीड India

In the name of adopting a child, the agent first cheated the couple of 9 lakhs, then took a loan on their documents.

In the name of adopting a child, the agent first cheated the couple of 9 lakhs, then took a loan on their documents.

In Maharashtra, in the name of getting a child from a couple, a case of fraud of 9 lakhs and taking a loan by misusing documents has come to light. The woman has lodged a complaint with the police regarding this.


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Updated: Friday, December 2, 2022, 15:49 [IST]

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In Maharashtra, a case of cheating in the name of getting a child from a childless woman has come to the fore. The biggest thing is that the agent who took documents from the woman in the name of getting her a child, took a loan in his name on the documents. Because of which the loan givers are harassing the woman. According to information, a childless woman from Kandivali had approached an agent to legally adopt a child. After this, the agent asked the woman for some documents for paperwork and from these documents, the agent gave the woman 9 lakhs. Also took a loan on the basis of the documents of the woman’s husband.

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A 46-year-old woman has filed a complaint regarding this matter. According to the complaint, the woman was married 15 years ago. But she is not having children. That is why she wanted to adopt the child legally. In this connection, in 2020, an acquaintance introduced him to an agent Sahil Sheikh. Shaikh told the woman and her husband that he would get the child adopted from an orphanage. In such a situation, he will need documents for legal action.

At the same time, after this Sheikh came to the couple’s house with the adoption form. During this, he took many other documents including PAN card, Aadhaar card from the couple. Along with that he also got the couple’s signature on the form. Initially, Shaikh told the couple that the process would cost Rs 2.5 lakh. To which the couple said that they had no problem in paying this amount and the couple transferred Rs 1.7 lakh in installments to Sheikh.

Shaikh then showed the couple a photograph of a child “from the Navi Mumbai ashram” and promised to complete the formalities. However, when there was no response from him for two months, the couple called him. On this Sheikh told that the health of the girl is very bad. At the same time, after a few days, when Sheikh’s call did not come again, the couple again contacted him. On this he said that the girl has got Kovid, I will get you a child from another ashram.

But, Sheikh did not take the couple to any of the ashrams. There, after a few days again the photo of another girl was sent to the couple. In such a situation, the couple hoped that they would get a child this time. But after a few days, Sheikh called again and said that the girl had died of AIDS. On this the couple asked Sheikh to return the money. But he did not return the money. Meanwhile, the couple got a call from a company and the company asked the couple to return the loan of Rs.6000. On this the couple said that they have not taken any loan.

Meanwhile, Shaikh again came to the couple and said that he would get a girl adopted from Borivali. But the couple refused. She then claimed to have found a child who had inherited property from her grandmother, who was too old to care for him. The couple said that with every proposal, Shaikh used to demand more money for registration of documents and other formalities. During this we paid him Rs 9.14 lakh. But he didn’t get us a child and played with emotions.

And, in August this year, the woman received a call from another company demanding repayment of an automobile loan of Rs 80,000 from the company. The woman alleges that all these loans have been taken on behalf of Sheikh by misusing the documents. At present, the couple has lodged an FIR against Sheikh at the Samta Nagar police station. The police has also started investigation in the matter.

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Maharashtra agent dumped 9 lakh couple for adopt baby and take loan also their documents

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