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Increased risk of cancer-infertility from Sanitary Pads? Scary revelation in new study


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Updated: Wednesday, November 23, 2022, 9:53 [IST]

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Sanitary Pads Increased cancer?: Sanitary pads are the need of every woman and girl today, in those difficult days of the month, every girl and woman needs special attention to cleanliness. In such a situation, sanitary pads are a good option for them, for which programs to make people aware have been going on for a long time, but whatever has been said about sanitary napkins in the recent study of NGO Toxics Link, it is certain. While alarming as it is, the research states that ‘sanitary pads contain harmful chemicals, increasing the risk of diseases like cancer and infertility in women.

Sanitary Pads

Dr. Amit, who was involved in this research of Environmental NGO Toxics Link, said that ‘during the study we came to know that pads have toxic chemicals like carcinogens, reproductive toxins and allergens, which are easily absorbed in the internal organs of women. Due to which diseases like cancer and infertility are increasing in women. He told that ‘for this study, he chose about 10 brands of pads in the country, many of which are very popular, but dangerous chemicals have been found in all, about which everyone needs to think very seriously.’

Sanitary Pads

Significantly, according to the current statistics, about 64 percent of women in India use sanitary pads, out of which forty percent are females aged 15-24 years. Not only this, the sale of sanitary pads in the country is up to $618.4 million.

Phthalates and volatiles found in pads

A member of the NGO Toxics Link said, ‘We found more phthalates and volatile (VOC) in each of the pads during the study, which directly lead to cancer and they affect the female vagina more easily than other body parts. Huh. In fact, to make the pads flexible, soft and long lasting, phthalates are used in the pads, which can be fatal. He clearly said that very few people here use the correct guidelines for making pads, but special attention needs to be paid to this. While there should be proper guidelines regarding the shape, texture, use of chemicals and price of pads and it should be followed strictly by all.

Sanitary pads

It is known that according to the National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI), thalolate sperm syndrome gives rise to cancer, reproductive disorders in both men and women. Not only this, diseases like asthma, attention disorder, breast cancer, obesity, low IQ are also caused by phthalates, while VOCs damage liver, kidney and nervous system and can cause diseases like cancer. Although both these products are also found in things like paint, nail polish, air freshener, but due to being found in pads, they directly affect the vaginal tissue, which is a serious matter.

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Sanitary pads in India contain cancer, infertility causing chemicals said new study. Here is details.

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