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Is Surya Kumar Yadav the eighth wonder of the world, changed the history of cricket for 145 years


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Updated: Monday, November 7, 2022, 8:59 [IST]

Surya Kumar Yadav should get an international award of the level of Nobel Prize for research and research in cricket. He has discovered such unique shots that have changed the history of 145 years of cricket. If a man can change cricket, it will be considered the eighth wonder. The kind of shots he is hitting, no batsman in the world today even imagined. To be honest, no other batsman in the world can even hit such shots. Surya is unique. He is the best batsman in the world in T20. This year he has scored more than a thousand runs in T20 and hit 59 sixes. His game against Zimbabwe was the culmination of experimental batting. He scored 61 runs in 25 balls which included 4 sixes and 6 fours.

Surya Kumar

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Sweep Scoop Shot Eighth Surprise Against Fast Bowler

T-20 World Cup 2022, India-Zimbabwe match. Zimbabwe’s Richard Nagarawa was bowling the 16th over. Surya was on strike. The first ball came a wide full toss, which was sent by Surya over the point to the boundary for a boundary. No run scored on the second ball. What happened on the third ball is an invention in the world of cricket. Nagarawa then bowled the ball outside off-stump which was on wide yorker length. Surya did not succeed but pulled his body to the ball, swung the left leg like a sweep shot, pulled the ball towards leg and scooped it outside the fine leg boundary for 6 runs with the help of his wrists. Only a man from another planet can imagine playing sweep scoop against a fast bowler. Generally, batsmen play sweep shots in the spinner’s cut. But Suriya did the trick of hitting a sweep scoop shot against a fast bowler.

Master of the back scoop, a four on a good ball too

Zimbabwe pacer Tendai Chatara brought the 18th over. Hardik Pandya was on strike. Taking a run off the first ball, he handed the strike to Surya. Chatara’s second ball was an off-cutter. The length ball was around off-stump. It was not a hitting ball by any means. But the sun remains the sun. They don’t have mercy on the good balls either. He sensed the ball already. Off stump and out. Made a place to play and scooped the ball coming towards the stump from behind the wicketkeeper. The ball went outside the fine leg boundary for four runs. The bowler just kept looking in despair. There was nothing wrong with the ball, but it was hit for a four. What can a bowler do when a batsman plays such impossible shots? In the same over, Surya also hit a six on Chakawa. It was an improvised shot and the ball went outside the extra cover boundary for six runs.

No words for Suriya’s shots

Richard Nagarawa was bowling the 20th over. In this over, Surya played a shot for which there is no word in cricket. Nagarawa tried to bowl the third ball on wide yorker length which became a low full toss. Surya then pulled the body and took his left foot out of the off-stump. Leaned slightly in style of sweep and sent the ball over backward square leg for a six. What do you call this shot? Sweep scoop, flick scoop or whip (when the ball is sent out of bounds in a whipping style) or something else? No name can be given to this shot at the moment. For this, a new terminology will have to be created in cricket. It is not that Suriya is suddenly not shooting such shots. He has tested his invention a lot in the nets. Been sweating for months for these unique shots. After the match, he said, what I do in the nets, I repeat it on the field. I enjoy playing such innings.

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Is Surya Kumar Yadav a miracle who has changed the cricket history of 145 years

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