Jabalpur News: Like ‘electricity’, so is the statement of the energy minister, ‘even if it goes now, it comes in 10 minutes’ – न्यूज़लीड India

Jabalpur News: Like ‘electricity’, so is the statement of the energy minister, ‘even if it goes now, it comes in 10 minutes’


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Published: Thursday, September 29, 2022, 20:31 [IST]

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Jabalpur, 29 September: In Madhya Pradesh, during the visit of Home Minister Amit Shah to the capital Bhopal, during that time there was power failure in half the city for more than twenty hours. Even the CM had to take the lead in rectifying the big fault. Despite this, according to its Energy Minister, even if there is a power failure in the state, it comes in just 10 minutes. Minister Pradduman Singh Tomar said that MP is far away from undeclared power cuts.


The entire MP is lit up with lights. Whether it is day or night, now there is no such power failure as it used to be. This seems to be the case with the statement given by MP Energy Minister Pradduman Singh Tomar in Jabalpur. Energy Minister Tomar, who reached the city for some time, said that now there is no unannounced power cut anywhere in MP. Whatever the demand is, it is being fulfilled. However, if there is any complaint of unannounced power cut, then it is being resolved. The Energy Minister said that even if there is a power failure, the power comes within just 10 minutes. This has instilled the confidence of the people in the government. Once upon a time there was a sight of lightning in 24 hours, but today the situation has completely changed.

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Why did the electricity go off during the Home Minister’s visit?
On this statement of the Energy Minister, the MLA of Jabalpur Rural Area Bargi Vidhan Sabha, Sanjay Yadav quipped. Yadav said that the minister’s statement is like electricity. The people of the state are suffering from the electricity department, nothing is hidden from anyone. Government ministers are resorting to such statements to cover up their failures. Yadav also reminded the visit of Home Minister Amit Shah to the capital Bhopal that there was power failure for about 20 hours. The employees of the department could not rectify the fault. Amit Shah had a program by running a generator. Similarly, power cuts continue unabated for several hours in rural areas. The problems remain the same. People are being looted by sending electricity bills unnecessarily.

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english summary

Energy Minister Pradduman Singh Tomar said no power cut in MP Now electricity comes in 10 minutes

Story first published: Thursday, September 29, 2022, 20:31 [IST]

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