Jabalpur News: Now monitoring will be done through video calling in Jabalpur, communication plan of every school is now necessary – न्यूज़लीड India

Jabalpur News: Now monitoring will be done through video calling in Jabalpur, communication plan of every school is now necessary

Jabalpur News: Now monitoring will be done through video calling in Jabalpur, communication plan of every school is now necessary

Monitoring will now be done through video calling in government schools of Jabalpur district of MP. In which all the teachers of the school will also be included along with the principal. The education department has been asked to prepare a communication plan.


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Updated: Thursday, December 1, 2022, 0:54 [IST]

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The condition of all government schools in Jabalpur of MP will now be improved through video calling. The collector said that not only the principal but also the mobile numbers of the teachers should be added in the communication plan of the schools. The officers of the education department have been instructed to monitor it. It has been said that neither there should be any disturbance in the fulfillment of basic needs in the schools, nor should the teaching teachers remain absent from the school whenever they want.


The collector has set his sights on improving the standard of education in the government schools of Jabalpur and instilling confidence in the parents. Taking a meeting of the officers of the Education Department, instructions were given to further improve the communication plan of all the government schools in the district. Said on the communication plan that now not only the principal, but also the mobile numbers of the teachers teaching there should be added. So that the system of schools can be monitored from time to time. While reviewing the school education, Collector Saurav Kumar Suman said that no negligence will be tolerated in the matter of children’s education. The staff of the school arrived on time and performed their duties honestly. It will not work arbitrarily that he reached the school at any time and disappeared from there at any time.

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The basic needs that are needed in the schools will also be examined. Regarding light, cleanliness and toilets, he also gave instructions that the first goal is to provide a school-like environment to the children coming to school. Now any kind of excuse will not work. The officials concerned should also take serious note of the correspondence and demand from the schools. The collector also reviewed the work of making caste certificates of school children in the meeting. He said that such applications for caste certificates should be scrutinised, which have been rejected due to being incomplete. The deficiencies found in such applications should be rectified and sent back to the concerned schools. It was told in the meeting that caste certificates of 43 thousand 542 school children have been made so far against the target of 69 thousand 001 in the district. Out of this, 41 thousand 801 children belong to Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes and 1 thousand 741 belong to backward classes.

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Communication plan should be ready for every school, monitoring through video calling in Jabalpur

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