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Kamal Nath’s hoardings for the new government in the new year, Congress’s focus on losing more than 100 seats

Kamal Nath’s hoardings for the new government in the new year, Congress’s focus on losing more than 100 seats

In the new year in the Bhopal Pradesh Congress office, the hoardings regarding the new government have warmed up the politics in the cold. On the other hand, Congress President Kamal Nath has denied the ongoing survey in the media.


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Published: Saturday, December 31, 2022, 18:43 [IST]

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The state Congress has now gathered to win more than 100 seats lost in the last assembly elections and the seats it lost in the by-elections. The Congress is focusing on all such seats, due to which a special plan is being made on all these seats, on the date of this plan, Kamal Nath will go to all such seats and work to strengthen the party. Apart from this, the Congress is already engaged in creating such an environment so that a message is sent among the public that a new government is about to come in the state. This is because hoardings of the new government have been put up at the Congress office in Madhya Pradesh.

In the new year, hoardings of Kamal Nath about the new government

In the new year, hoardings of Kamal Nath about the new government

State Congress President Kamla will go to such seats, where the Congress had to face defeat in the last assembly elections. Along with this, he will also visit those seats on which the Congress was defeated in the by-elections after his government went to power. In this episode, first of all those seats are being focused. Where the Congress has been losing for many consecutive elections. One such seat was Sironj in Vidisha district. Kamal Nath had held a meeting on this seat just a few days ago. It was only after this that a plan was made that Kamal Nath would go to all such seats in the coming 4 to 5 months, on which Congress had lost the last election, 110 such seats have been drawn. On which Kamal Nath will go here before the elections and hold meetings and talk to the workers.

Kamal Nath will have maximum visits in Vindhya region

In the Vindhya region, which is called the stronghold of the Congress, now the condition of the Congress is not good for many years. After the demise of former Assembly Speaker Srinivas Tiwari, the Congress party continued to weaken here. That’s why Kamal Nath can tour the Vindhya region the most. The region has 24 seats, of which only four are with the Congress. In the last elections, this area was the weakest of the Congress, earlier only 3 seats had come here. Later, in the by-elections held in Raigaon, Congress won the election and increased the number of its MLAs to four. Congress did not get a clear majority in the last election due to less number of seats from the region.

Congress did not conduct any survey for the assembly elections: Kamal Nath

State Congress President Kamal Nath denied the survey going on in the media. He said that Congress has not conducted any such survey, along with this he claimed that the Congress government is going to be formed in the elections to be held in the state this year. Kamal Nath said that such reports and surveys are misleading and baseless. He said that each and every Congress worker is working hard. The people of the state have also made up their mind to give a historic mandate to the Congress. Congress will win with a thumping majority in the upcoming assembly elections. Kamal Nath said that on the basis of long experience of his political life, he is reading in the eyes of the people how their trend is unprecedented enthusiasm for the Congress in the public mind.

Congress will sweep in Madhya Pradesh elections!

Rahul Gandhi’s statement on the last day of the year in the state has heated up the politics. In fact, Rahul Gandhi said about the assembly elections to be held in the state at the end of 2023 that in the upcoming assembly elections, the BJP will be wiped out from Madhya Pradesh and the Congress government is going to be formed once again. He told the media persons on the lines of Kejriwal that I will write you one thing that the Congress will sweep the elections in Madhya Pradesh. BJP will not be visible there. There is a storm in Madhya Pradesh and everyone knows that the BJP has formed the government there by stealing and giving money. There is anger among the people of the state about the BJP.

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Kamal Nath hoardings for new Mp government in new year Congress focus on lost seats

Story first published: Saturday, December 31, 2022, 18:43 [IST]

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