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Kathua: Aam Aadmi Party rally in Billawar


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Published: Wednesday, November 9, 2022, 19:48 [IST]

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The Kathua unit of Aam Aadmi Party organized a huge public meeting in Mandli Panchayat of Billawar, Pahari Tehsil of District Kathua. In which thousands of party workers from different blocks of the district participated. In a rally of hundreds of vehicles, people from different parts of the district reached the congregation where they were addressed by senior party leaders. The program was conducted by District President Raj Kumar, Amar Nath Organization Minister, Duni Chand, Bikrant Singh, Kartar Singh besides other party leaders.


Addressing the public meeting, AAP Jammu and Kashmir State Coordination Committee Chairman Harsh Dev Singh reprimanded the BJP for the history of the Union Territory of Jammu and Kashmir till now. Harsh Dev Singh said that the erstwhile historic state of Jammu and Kashmir was degraded to the UT level by being deprived of its statehood and deprived of more trumpet development packages, lands and jobs of local people from outsiders. Opened up, all important voices were suppressed.

Singh said that apart from running the affairs of the state for the last four years through the oppressive machinery of the government, demolishing the institutions, proxy rule of the Centre, the BJP regime seems to be testing the patience of the people of the erstwhile princely state. New laws for Jammu and Kashmir were being made regularly by the Babus at the Center and in Jammu and Kashmir under the aegis of the Ministry of Home Affairs, they were implemented without any legislative approval by resorting to the Jammu and Kashmir Reorganization Act. The people were subjected to the most unpopular rule of external bureaucrats who did not even have a basic knowledge of the problems of the common people and had hardly any connection with the people. And the BJP which was brought to power at the Center continued to use J&K as a workshop in which new experiments were conducted every day, oblivious to the abyss into which it threw the people of the erstwhile state.

MP Simranjit Singh barred from entering Jammu and Kashmir, supporters blocked the Kathua border MP Simranjit Singh barred from entering Jammu and Kashmir, supporters blocked the Kathua border

Singh said the government was thriving on fake declarations of its achievements and fictitious accounts in which nothing is visible on the ground. People had to face the most problems due to the shortage of electricity and water. The government failed to act. People from remote areas are facing the problem of ration due to their repeated requests and reminders to have no takers. Many houses and other residential units of poor people have collapsed due to floods and bad weather but no one is responding. The daily rated employees of PHE, PWD, POWER, I & FC are without salary for many months and there is no one to take care of their pitiable plight.

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Kathua: Aam Aadmi Party rally in Billawar

Story first published: Wednesday, November 9, 2022, 19:48 [IST]

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