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Kitchen Gardening: Grow vegetables like tomatoes, chillies at home in small investment

Kitchen Gardening: Grow vegetables like tomatoes, chillies at home in small investment


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Published: Tuesday, May 31, 2022, 11:52 [IST]

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New Delhi, 31st May : Kitchen gardening can become a great option for people suffering from rising inflation. When the prices of vegetables like tomatoes start touching the sky, it becomes challenging to maintain the taste of the food. In such a situation, the option of growing tomatoes in the kitchen garden is economical as well as good for health. In this report of OneIndia Hindi, know what small things should be kept in mind during kitchen gardening, so that a great yield of vegetables can be obtained at a low cost.

kitchen garden

grow vegetables at home

A few days back, the news of a jump in tomato prices was in the news. The situation was that tomatoes were sold at the rate of more than 100 rupees per kg. Due to the unpredictable prices of vegetables, there is a possibility of spoiling the taste of the food plate. The solution to this problem is kitchen gardening. In fact, depending on the supply of the market, the prices of things like tomatoes and chillies often make us cry. In such a situation, apart from tomatoes, chillies and coriander itself, many other things can be grown at home to avoid loosening the pocket. For this, some pots filled with soil, sunlight and some hard work are the most important things.

little investment and hard work

The sun often comes in the balcony of the house. In such a situation, this place can be the perfect choice to grow vegetables. Vegetable pots can be placed in the balcony. There will be no problem of sunlight, wind and irrigation water here. Just need to give some time. After investing a little money and working hard, you will not only have greenery at your home, but you will also have things like tomatoes, chillies, spinach and coriander available with you at all times. Meaning the tension of market prices and quality of things is over.

Grow vegetables in good quantity in this way

Kitchen gardening means that while cultivating vegetables at home, try to plant vegetable plants in big pots. This will give the roots a chance to spread more. Along with spreading the roots, the plants will also become strong and fruits will also be able to grow in good quantity in big plants. It is also important to take care of the weather in the less space and easy-to-do kitchen gardening as compared to the open field. This is because it will be difficult to get fruit from off-season vegetables. You can take the opinion of agricultural experts.

farming with the help of internet

Another option is also of smart farming. That is, the Internet. If you are fond of searching Google, then this option can also help you. There are many mobile applications available to know what kind of vegetables to plant in which season. With their help, you can know the right time to plant plants like tomato, chilli, coriander, mint and brinjal. If there is an option to take the opinion of experts, then innovative farming or transplanting of a new plant can also be tried.

Selection of good seeds is the most important

Seeds play an important role in any crop. In such a situation, try that the seeds of whatever vegetable you want to plant have been suggested by agricultural experts. This means that a good crop can be achieved by adding a little science to agriculture. Greater yields of vegetables can be achieved by planting good quality seeds.

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Kitchen Garden : Grow vegetables at your rooftop or balcony. know small tips about kitchen gardening.

Story first published: Tuesday, May 31, 2022, 11:52 [IST]

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