Know Your Leader: PM Modi spoke to the youth of the country, gave them this suggestion – न्यूज़लीड India

Know Your Leader: PM Modi spoke to the youth of the country, gave them this suggestion

Know Your Leader: PM Modi spoke to the youth of the country, gave them this suggestion

Under the Know Your Leader programme, PM Modi interacted directly with youths across the country, during this PM Modi listened to the experiences of the people and gave them many suggestions.


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Updated: Tuesday, January 24, 2023, 11:03 [IST]

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Know Your Leader:
On the occasion of the birth anniversary of Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose, PM Modi interacted with the youth across the country. PM Modi discussed with these youth under Know your leader programme. During this discussion with the youth, the Prime Minister said that I would suggest to the youth that wherever you go, try to understand things very closely, make a habit of making notes. Read a lot, read more and more. But when you read an autobiography, read the life of a sportsperson, read a person in the art world, what kind of meditation is there in everyone’s life, how he achieved something by doing penance in his life, it will inspire you. A resolution is made to do something similar in life.

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The Prime Minister said that efforts should be made to remember the face, name and talk of the person you are meeting. Gradually, your new perspective will be ready, even after five years, if you meet someone, you will say to him that you are there. In such a situation, that person will also be happy and he will feel that you remember him. The Prime Minister asked the youth that what is that one thing of Netaji that you would like to bring in your life. On this a young woman said that I would like to learn from Netaji his organizational skills. I would like to bring him in my life. I would like to learn from him how Indians from all over the world united and fought for the country. Like him, I would also like that all the people of our country, be it Kerala, Gujarat, Rajasthan or Jammu, wherever they are, all can unite and fight together for the problem of our country. I would like to see one more thing from Netaji, dream, I am dreaming every day since 2015, I am talking to you everyday in dreams. I believe that dreams come true, today I am talking to you.

During this, the Prime Minister asked the youth about the Central Hall. The PM asked that you know what is the history of the Central Hall. On this a young man said that when I went there, my hair stood on end. I got a chance to see him for the first time. The PM said that the place where you were sitting in the Central Hall, at one time some great person of the country was sitting, who made the constitution of this country. You were sitting at that place, were you feeling all that.

PM Modi said that birthdays used to come earlier too, used to offer flowers. But we got the idea that youths from all over the country should be invited on one or the other birthday. How did you feel after listening to this idea and programme? On this, a student told that after coming here, I experienced what is unity in diversity. We had read all this in books only. But after coming here I experienced all that. The other young man said that we had in mind that we would see the Parliament.

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Know Your Leader: PM Modi interacted with youngsters giving them advice to read autobiography.

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