Lady made sister’s wedding a ‘grand event’, booked whole plane, decorated pavilion in Jaisalmer – न्यूज़लीड India

Lady made sister’s wedding a ‘grand event’, booked whole plane, decorated pavilion in Jaisalmer

Lady made sister’s wedding a ‘grand event’, booked whole plane, decorated pavilion in Jaisalmer

A wedding to be held in Jaisalmer is in discussion because of its special plan. A lady leaves no stone unturned to make her sister’s wedding a grand event. This can be gauged by watching a video.


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Updated: Sunday, December 4, 2022, 22:39 [IST]

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Couple booked entire plane

If it is the season of weddings, then how can it be that there is no new couples or marriage festivals. But when someone does something out of the way to make this ceremony memorable, then the discussion of that marriage becomes common. That is, examples of such marriages are given in the society. One couple did just that. When he left for Jaisalmer in Rajasthan by taking his relatives by plane.

Indian wedding is the biggest celebration in the world as compared to wedding ceremonies in other countries. When the bride and groom are tied in this holy bond, from the preparation to the wedding ceremony, there are lots of fun events. For this special trend, Indian weddings are no less than a grand event. For this, the time is fixed several months in advance. There are long preparations. All this is seen only in India. Here marriage is a much awaited event for the people around and relatives, for which they wait for months. In such a situation, special plans are also prepared to make this ceremony special. From food to venue and clothes, everything is decided beforehand.

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A video of relatives going to one such wedding ceremony has been posted on social media. This video has been shot in a plane. The video has been shared on Instagram by user Shreya Shah. It can be seen in the video that many passengers are sitting in the plane. Actually, all these passengers are from Shreya’s family and relations. This plane has been booked for Shreya’s sister-in-law’s wedding, in which all the relatives are going to attend the marriage ceremony. This marriage is happening in Jaisalmer district of Rajasthan.

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On Instagram, user Shreya Shah shared a video of the entire plane full of relatives sitting on their respective seats. The caption of the video read, “Guess where we’re going to get married?” In the video, Shreya says that she has booked the entire flight for her sister’s wedding. At the end of the video she shows the couple who are about to get married. The video has got more than 10 lakh likes.

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Couple booked entire plane for made sister wedding mandap decorated in Jaisalmer

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