Leaders are holding rallies from helicopter in Karnataka elections, know how much it costs to book – न्यूज़लीड India

Leaders are holding rallies from helicopter in Karnataka elections, know how much it costs to book

Leaders are holding rallies from helicopter in Karnataka elections, know how much it costs to book

Leaders in Karnataka are holding rallies by helicopter, increased demand, know how much it costs in booking


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Published: Saturday, March 18, 2023, 22:32 [IST]

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Very little time is left for the assembly elections in Karnataka. In such a situation, star campaigners, leaders of political parties and future candidates of elections have to cover maximum number of places in less time. The demand for choppers has suddenly increased in Karnataka as prominent politicians from major political parties are expected to travel across the state for campaigning. So let’s know how much money it costs to book the helicopters that are being booked for the election rallies?


BJP and Congress are going to hold fast rallies

Let us tell you that BJP is going to hold rallies of at least 30 central officials in the next week, while Congress and BJP have about 200 public rallies. On the other hand, with the entry of Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) and AIMM into the electoral fray, the demand for helicopters has suddenly increased in Karnataka. AAP has planned 10 rallies in key constituencies which will be attended by Arvind Kejriwal.


Know how much BJP and Congress leaders spent on air travel in 2018

In the 2018 elections, the BJP spent Rs 17.2 crore on air travel for both state and central functionaries, according to data from the Election Commission of India. Whereas the Congress spent Rs 10.5 crore. The report also states that the expenditure on air travel is expected to reach Rs 35-40 crore this year.

Companies are getting helicopters from neighboring states

According to the report shared by JS George, Director, Eagle Aviation Limited, Bengaluru, the demand for helicopters is increasing among BJP and Congress leaders. Anticipating a spurt in demand, operators have started sourcing aircraft from cities like Hyderabad, Mumbai and Delhi. According to George, at least 12-15 more helicopters will be needed if the demand increases.

Helicopter fare may increase

The Congress has asked its leaders, DK Shivakumar, Siddaramaiah and MB Patil, to take care of the cost of air travel. And the BJP arranges for helicopters and fixed-wing aircraft. BJP has already held two rounds of meetings with the service provider company and told them about the number of helicopters required for the rally. The company said that operators have made up their mind to capitalize on this opportunity when demand increases and helicopter fares are likely to increase by 10-15 per cent.

Know how much it costs to book a helicopter

Single engine helicopters are used in rallies, in which there is a seating area for three people including the pilot. Helicopter bookings are charged on an hourly basis. If you have to travel a long distance, then the money is more. If the helicopter is needed for one hour, then it costs from 65 lakh to 1 lakh 15 thousand. Payment has to be made on an hourly basis. According to the information given by some helicopter rental companies, many charge 50 thousand rupees for one hour.

How to book helicopter

There are many companies available online that provide this service privately. For this you have to go to their website and book the helicopter. Many travel agents and agencies book helicopters in Bangalore city. Whose numbers you will find on the internet. To book a helicopter or chopper, we also need to inform the take off and landing area.

Know the cost of helicopter

If you are looking to buy a helicopter, you will have to shell out at least $250,000 (₹20,632,237.50) and that too for the entry-level model. By 2022, the average cost of a helicopter would be around $1.971 million.

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Helicopter demand increased in Karnataka elections, know how much it costs to book

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