Madhya Pradesh: Uma Bharti became active again for the demand for prohibition, started the campaign – न्यूज़लीड India

Madhya Pradesh: Uma Bharti became active again for the demand for prohibition, started the campaign

Madhya Pradesh: Uma Bharti became active again for the demand for prohibition, started the campaign

Madhya Pradesh

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Published: Wednesday, June 8, 2022, 12:43 [IST]

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Bhopal, June 8:
BJP leader Uma Bharti has been demanding prohibition of liquor in Madhya Pradesh for a long time. Now they have started a movement regarding this. Starting the movement, former Chief Minister of the state Uma Bharti put up a de-addiction chaupal in front of the liquor shop. Uma Bharti sat down by putting a chair in front of the liquor shop and kept her word. Uma Bharti put up a chaupal in front of the liquor shop near Ashima Mall in Bhopal on Tuesday evening.


Former Union Minister Uma Bharti has also given information about this movement on Twitter. Uma Bharti has written- About a month and a half ago, I and Shivraj Singh had a long discussion about prohibition, then I had a conversation with our party leadership in Delhi on the same subject. In Bhopal too, there was a long dialogue in this regard with the senior in-charges of the organization inside the party headquarters. In these three meetings, everyone had to say that we are all against liquor and there should be no liquor shops in prohibited places. Also, there should not be any premises for drinking alcohol anywhere in Madhya Pradesh.

Uma Bharti further wrote, The Chief Minister of our state and the President of the state have already said that the campaign of awareness against drugs and alcohol will run. While waiting for the outcome of the talks, I am starting the awareness campaign from today because the awareness campaign is in accordance with the policy of our party and the government.

people sitting in a bunch drinking wine

Uma Bharti questioned that in our country it is a crime to drive under the influence of alcohol, so those who are drinking in large flocks sitting in the courtyard, how will they go home when they come out. Will he go by driving his own vehicle or will he come with a vehicle from home to pick him up? Or the government itself will arrange a vehicle for him.

Punjab’s example

Uma Bharti said that why it is necessary, I will give the example of Punjab for this, first there was a tremendous cycle of drinking alcohol and then at a time such a time comes that if alcohol does not satisfy the desire of intoxication, then the person indulges in other intoxicants. This is the story of Udta Punjab. Let us not make Madhya Pradesh a flying Madhya Pradesh like Punjab by mistake.

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  • A police post is also such that itself is in the captivity of a private company
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  • Big decision of Shivraj cabinet, land snatched from oppressors will be given to Anganwadis
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  • Ministers, MLAs, Mayor candidates in Sagar take refuge in the saints
  • Rajpur: Due to unknown reasons, a person drank insecticide, see report.
  • Controversial statement of Madhya Pradesh minister said – Congress is not a patriotic party, everything there is foreign goods
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  • The process of nomination for Panchayat elections is over, know how many candidates have filed nominations!
  • Villagers sit together and choose Panch-Sarpanch, praise is being done in the whole state
  • In Ujjain, the bribe patwari was caught red handed by the Lokayukta team taking a bribe of 8 thousand rupees.

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BJP leader uma bharti demand liquor ban in mp

Story first published: Wednesday, June 8, 2022, 12:43 [IST]

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