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Mahrajganj News: Purvanchal’s first jungle safari Sohgibarwa inaugurated


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Published: Wednesday, November 16, 2022, 4:25 [IST]

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Gorakhpur News : In order to promote tourism and protect the environment, Jungle Safari was started in Sohgibarwa Wildlife Sanctuary of Maharajganj on Tuesday. Union Minister of State for Finance Pankaj Chowdhary inaugurated it. People’s representatives were also present with him. This program was organized in Chowk Bazar.


The festival was inaugurated by Union Minister of State for Finance Pankaj Chowdhary by flagging off the vehicles of Jungle Safari. During this, he said that with the start of Jungle Safari, Marajganj district will get a different identity in the whole country. This is Purvanchal’s first jungle safari. It will further promote tourism and protect the environment from biodiversity.

this is the specialty
There are many features of this jungle safari. It is spread over about 34 kilometers of forest. It also shares its border with Bihar and Nepal. Many types of creatures and animals reside here. The natural environment here is different in the whole country. It will be a major center of attraction for tourists.

it will cost
To enjoy the jungle safari, tourists will have to spend Rs 3700. In this, the thrill of safari can be enjoyed on two routes. Its booking can be done on the website of Uttar Pradesh Eco Tourism (up by selecting the option of Sohgibarwan Wildlife Division. Booking will start soon over the counter.

Two routes have been decided by the Forest Department for Jungle Safari. The first route of 12 km will start from Chowk. Tourists will be dropped back at the Chowk via Kusmahwa, Ramgram, Sonadi Devi Temple. Tourists will have to spend Rs 1500 to enjoy the jungle safari on this route.

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The second route will be of 22 km, which will start from Chowk and reach back to Chowk via Kusmahwa, 24 Vantangia, Tramway Crossing, Madhwalia, Singarhana. Tourists will have to spend Rs 2200 for this route. Divisional Forest Officer of Sohgibarwan Wildlife Division, Pushp Kumar Kandhla said that soon the booking of safari will start at the ticket counter.

These wildlife will be seen
Leopard, deer, bear, wild cat, fox, nilgai, chital, stag, monkey, langur, mongoose, squirrel, porcupine etc. will be seen on both the routes of jungle safari. Among the birds, peacock, quail, wild fowl, pigeon, heron, eagle, vulture, owl, sparrow, parrot etc. will be seen.

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Story first published: Wednesday, November 16, 2022, 4:25 [IST]

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