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Megatsunami on Earth, the end of dinosaurs with Asteroid, how did the disaster change everything?

Megatsunami on Earth, the end of dinosaurs with Asteroid, how did the disaster change everything?

About 65 million years ago, such a megatsunami has been detected on the earth, which was 30 thousand times more destructive than any other tsunami.


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Published: Wednesday, February 1, 2023, 21:14 [IST]

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It is not necessary that every event present in the universe has an effect on any other planet or satellite. But there are indications of some such incidents in the past, which came as a tragedy for a planet. However, this tragedy did not happen due to the movement of the benefic planet or due to any other natural reasons affecting its movement. The reason for this was Asteroid. Which had fallen on the earth about 65 million years from today i.e. about 6 crore 50 lakh years. This was the incident, which gave birth to a big disaster on the earth.

Asteroid Earth’s Enemy
Asteroid has been an enemy for our planet for thousands of millions of years, it is not said for nothing. The calamities on earth prove this. In such a situation, space scientists are constantly monitoring the speed of asteroids. Every asteroid passing near the Earth is fully monitored, so that any major disaster can be detected in advance.

NASA’s DART mission
Last year, NASA completed its ambitious DART mission. Under which a metrolite was broken towards the earth. It was launched by SpaceX rocket in 2021. It was a big experiment to save the earth from the effects of asteroids, it was successful. NASA has said that there is no real threat to the Earth from asteroids for at least the next 100 years.

How did the destruction come to the earth?
An astronomical event 65 million years ago changed everything on Earth. Scientists say that the root cause of this was the collision of an asteroid with the earth. In this collision, giant creatures like dinosaurs were wiped out from the earth. Apart from this, many creatures present on the earth became extinct due to this incident.

Devastation caused by megatsunami
Researchers from the US-based National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) found that a mega-tsunami occurred after an asteroid hit Earth. The reason for which was also the collision of asteroids. This mega tsunami was much more intense than the tsunami known till now, due to which there was a huge devastation on the earth. According to a report on research by NOAA scientists, these indications have been found in the analysis of geological records. When the asteroid collided with the earth, a huge crater was formed.

75% of the life on earth is over
In the report related to the research of scientists of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, several claims have been made regarding the research. It has been said in the report that it was also difficult to estimate the intensity of the megatsunami that occurred after the collision of the asteroid with the Earth. However, according to estimates, it was said that it was the largest ever recorded in the history of tsunami. Compared to the previous known tsunami, it caused 30 thousand times more devastation.

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Mega-tsunami on Earth end of Dinosaurs by Asteroid about big Tragedy on Earth

Story first published: Wednesday, February 1, 2023, 21:14 [IST]

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