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Moonlighting: What is ‘Moonlighting’, Infosys warns employees, says stop, otherwise the job will go

what is moonlighting

Moonlighting is the term used to interchange one job with another. When you start doing second job with regular job without knowing your company, it is moonlighting. It is very famous in IT sector. People start doing second jobs on part time basis after the office timings are over. Often people do this type of moonlighting on nights and weekends.

  Infosys' strictness

Infosys’ strictness

Infosys Chairman Rishad Premji termed Moonlighting as a fraud and advised his employees to avoid it. On the other hand, HR of Infosys has sent an email to the employees asking them to stop and avoid the Moonlight fraud. The company believes that moonlighting not only affects the quality of the company, but it can also put the company’s safety at risk. HR has sent an email to all Infosys employees instructing that those who are doing moonlighting should stop immediately.

  otherwise the job will go

otherwise the job will go

In the email sent by Infosys, it has been said that the second job is not in accordance with the Employee Handbook or Code of Conduct. If an employee does a second job or a part time, full time job without the permission of the company, then he may also have to lose his job. The company has said that the cases of moonlighting have increased after the work from home and remote working which started during the Corona epidemic. Due to which the company’s business, employee’s efficiency, business and performance as well as the company’s data are at risk of being leaked. That’s why Infosys has shown strictness about it.

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