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MP: Please note, Kovid RTPCR test in Virology Lab closed indefinitely!

Madhya Pradesh

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Updated: Thursday, September 22, 2022, 23:17 [IST]

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Sagar, 22 September. In MP, the investigation of corona in government medical colleges, district hospitals and authorized government virology labs has stopped. Due to this, the government has stopped the budget given to these virology labs. The information has been pasted outside the flu OPD at Bundelkhand Medical College, Sagar. It is clearly written that the tests of Kovid by RTPCR in Virology Lab have been stopped indefinitely. Although sample collection will be done, but there will be no time limit on when the report will come.

Budget crisis in Kovid, there will be sampling, but there will be no investigation

The budget given to virology for the investigation of Kovid to Bundelkhand Medical College has been stopped for almost a month. Except the State Virology Lab of Bhopal and the Virology Lab of AIIMS, tests with RTPCR kits have been stopped to detect Kovid infection in the rest of the virology of the state. The BMC used to get a budget of about Rs 90 lakh per month from the government. More than a month and a half ago, an unannounced information was sent that now the college will not get this Kovid budget. After this, emergency and serious patients were tested with the kits that were available in the college, but for about two weeks, the Kovid test in the lab has been completely stopped. Accordingly, the rules made necessary for patients and jobs, foreign travel, interviews have been given publicly by pasting written information to the people of Kovid investigation report.

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Budget is closed, there is no material, how to check
According to the information received from the BMC management, the budget for the virology lab has stopped. Not only Sagar, the budget of other medical colleges has also stopped. As many kits as we had have been tested. Content has expired. The BMC management is trying to procure kits and other materials from the local budget at its level. Anyway, patients rarely come for Kovid examination. I am not aware of posting information in flu OPD.
– Dr. Sumit Rawat, Nodal Officer, Virology Lab, BMC, Sagar

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english summary

After closing the Kovid budget given to most of the medical colleges and health department of MP, investigations of suspected patients of corona have been stopped. After finishing the budget from the government level, there is a situation of consternation in other medical colleges including Sagar. Because patients or people who have to give interviews, go abroad, RTPCR Kovid test is required, but now the investigation has stopped, people are getting upset due to this.

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