MP: Terrible architectural defects in this government office, the chamber is built on the well, the officers are unable to complete their tenure – न्यूज़लीड India

MP: Terrible architectural defects in this government office, the chamber is built on the well, the officers are unable to complete their tenure

Madhya Pradesh

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Published: Thursday, September 29, 2022, 21:09 [IST]

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Sagar, 29 September. The office of the Chief Medical and Health Officer in Sagar, MP is becoming infamous due to Vastu defects. Whichever CMHO sitting here could not complete the term. On the banks of the pond, there is a well in the old Dufferin Hospital building in which this office is located. After bridging it, the CMHO sits in the chamber built over it. The experts tell about the well that it generates severe Vastu defects and the head can never remain happy and calm. Looking at the past, 19 CMHOs came to this office in 23 years, but could not complete a single term. This happened for the first time that Dr. A doctor died while being CMHO. Dr. DK Goswami passed away untimely on the night of 17 September.

cmho office

After the death of Chief Medical and Health Officer Dr. Devendra Goswami, questions are now being raised on the chamber present in the CMHO office. Because ever since the CMHO office has shifted from the rented building to Dufferin Hospital, no CMHO could complete his term till now. After the appointment, some got involved in corruption and some got transferred due to deteriorating harmony with the public representatives. Not only this, this is the first time that a CMHO lost his life while in office. According to the information, 19 CMHOs have changed here in the last 23 years. But no one could complete the three-year term in this office.

cmho office

Inside the chamber, more than half the well is molded from CC

There is a well in the office just below the CMHO’s chamber. Even today water is used from this well through machine. According to Vastu Shastras, the direction in which the well is located in the CMHO chamber indicates the destruction of the owner of the well. According to astrology, this direction is of Rahu, due to digging more in this direction, sudden developments increase. This well has been present here since the time of the British rule.

cmho office

In 2009, there was a shifting from a rented building to Dufferin Hospital.
According to the information, the CMHO office was shifted to Dufferin Hospital in the year 2009, before this office used to run in a rented building. That too was not good according to Vastu Shastra. The CMHO at that time was Dr. Pramod Godre, who had completed his three-year term, but was removed on corruption charges just a year after he moved to the new building. After this, Dr. BK Mishra 2 years, Dr. CL Goswami 4 months, Dr. OP Gautam one month, Dr. CL Goswami one and a half years, Dr. AG Vinchunkar 9 months, Dr. DK Kaushal one and a half years, Dr. NK Saini 5 months, Dr. IS Thakur 2 years, Dr. SR Roshan 5 months, Dr. MS Sagar 1 year, Dr. IS Thakur 1 month, Dr. MS Sagar 6 months, Dr. SR Roshan 7 days, Dr. IS Thakur 1 year, Dr. Suresh Buddh could remain CMHO for 10 months and Dr. DK Goswami only 4 months.

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Dr. Goswami had done worship before sitting on the chair
It is said that when Dr. Goswami became the CMHO, before sitting on the chair, he had worshiped the chamber and had Hanumanji’s photo installed in the entire office. Because he also knew that till now no CMHO has been able to complete his term in this office.

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english summary

In Sagar district of MP, the head of the health department sits in the chamber above the well. No CMHO could complete his tenure in the last 23 years due to architectural defects in this office. Everything was upset, tense, CMHO Dr. DK Goswami also died untimely in the past. Most of the rest of the CMHOs continued to face scrutiny.

Story first published: Thursday, September 29, 2022, 21:09 [IST]

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