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Mrityu Yog: The lines on the hand tell how death will happen.


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Updated: Friday, November 25, 2022, 8:30 [IST]

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Mrityu Yog: Man is most worried and afraid of his own death. He wants to collect, accumulate and enjoy all the wealth. He is absorbed in every moment, that is, every moment he is afraid of missing something or the other. Many people also die an unnatural death. Many possibilities of unnatural death have been mentioned in palmistry. Through lines, constellations, various signs, it can be ascertained that how a person will die. The age of a person is ascertained from the life line in the palm and the symbols on this line etc. give information about death and other incidents-accidents. Let’s know some such yoga

Mrityu Yog

sudden death

  • The person who has the sign of cross on the life line in both the hands, then it is a natural death yoga.
  • If the lifeline breaks somewhere in the middle while moving.
  • If there is a star sign at the beginning of the life line.
  • If the lifeline is thin and indistinct like a hair. – The lifeline should be very deep and broad.
  • If the color of the lifeline is yellow.
  • There is a spot on the lifeline.
  • The lifeline should be like a bunch in the beginning.
  • Initially the lifeline is divided into two parts.
  • The lifeline should be sunken in the area of ​​Venus.
  • If the lifeline starts from its point of origin and reaches the second knuckle of the manibandha.
  • If the moon line crosses the life line and reaches the Mount of Venus.
  • If there is a star mark on the ring finger.
  • Apart from these, there are hundreds of types of symbols.

what is unnatural death

Death due to some mysterious disease, death due to hunger and thirst while wandering, being trampled under the feet of animals, drowning in water, fire, vehicle accident, electrocution, being in jail, being buried under a house, Due to falling from a tree, being poisoned by someone, getting entangled in some family affair.

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english summary

Man is worried about his own death. Know about Unnatural demise Yoga or Mrityu Yog in Your Kundali.

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