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Mythical Book: There are four types of women, know what are those differences?


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Published: Saturday, November 12, 2022, 6:00 am [IST]

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Kamashastra: Many books were written about the nature, nature, appearance, color and stature of women and men. The most famous of them is Kamashastra. In many texts written on the basis of Kamashastra, mainly four types of differences between the female caste have been described. These distinctions are Padmini, Chitrini, Shankhini and Hastini. Shankhini is said to be superior to Hastini, Chitrini to Shankhini and Padmini to Chitrini.

Mythical Book

Characteristics of Padmini

Many characteristics of a Padmini woman have been described in the scriptures. According to him, Padmini woman’s eyes are like that of a deer’s child, red-red on the sides of the eyes, bright and round face like a full moon. She eats small and balanced meals. Skilled in dealing. It smells like a blooming lotus. Shameful, self-respecting, of color like a flower of gold and champa, of religious nature, slender, always wearing beautiful clothes, having a beautiful neck like a conch shell.

Characteristics of Chitrini

The body of a Chitrani woman is slim. Slow moving, the eyes are fickle. Interested in music and crafts. Their height is neither too tall nor too short. Such a woman with a thin waist, a peacock-like voice, black hair, a conch-like neck, who is skilled in painting is called Chitrini.

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A woman of Shankhini nature is angry by nature. It is fast moving, eats moderate amounts of food, is pitta in nature. Shankhini woman takes special interest in red flowers and clothes. There is wheezing in their voice. Black has thick and long hair.

Characteristics of Hastini

The body of a Hastini woman is fat. Hair is golden, eats profusely, fair complexion, short and bowed neck, slow gait, thick lips. The nature of such a woman is soft and soon she attracts anyone towards her. Talks friendly with everyone. Its hair length is less.

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english summary

There are four types of women, Padmini, Chitrini, Shankhini and Hastini says the popular book Kamashastra.

Story first published: Saturday, November 12, 2022, 6:00 [IST]

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