National Youth Day 2023: Swami Vivekananda won hearts by saying “My American sisters and brothers”, know special things – न्यूज़लीड India

National Youth Day 2023: Swami Vivekananda won hearts by saying “My American sisters and brothers”, know special things

National Youth Day 2023: Swami Vivekananda won hearts by saying “My American sisters and brothers”, know special things

Swami Vivekananda Chicago Speech: In the year 1893, Swami Vivekananda had won everyone’s heart by giving a speech in Hindi at the Parliament of Religions in Chicago.


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Updated: Wednesday, January 11, 2023, 17:59 [IST]

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  Swami Vivekananda Chicago Speech:

Swami Vivekananda Jayanti Chicago Speech (National Youth Day) , The whole country celebrates the birthday of spiritual master, philosopher, social-reformer Swami Vivekananda as ‘National Youth Day’. This tradition is going on since 1985. As such, there are many things related to the life of Swami Vivekananda, which make you understand the true importance of life. Everything about Vivekananda, who acquired a store of knowledge at a very young age, was very unique, if a person really follows the path told by him, he will neither be surrounded by any sorrow nor will he ever have any stress.

India’s supernatural and indelible mark

Vivekananda’s words are incomplete until his Chicago speech is not mentioned. That Hindi speech of his has left a very supernatural and indelible impression of India on the world stage, on which every Indian is proud. Please tell that Swami Vivekananda gave a speech in Hindi in the Parliament of Religions in Chicago in the year 1893, even after such a long time, his speech is still alive in the minds of the people and is as relevant as it was at that time. .

  Swami Vivekananda Chicago Speech:

Significantly, Vivekananda’s childhood name was Narendra Nath Dutt but he was given the name ‘Vivekananda’ by Maharaja Ajit Singh of Rajasthan and it was he who wore a saffron turban on his head and sent him to the World Religion Conference held in Chicago, USA. He had full faith that a scholar like Vivekananda deserves to be known in this conference because only he understands the country’s culture and religion and only he can tell its true importance to the people and believe me he proved to be completely true.

“My American Sisters and Brothers”…

Only 2 minutes were available for the speech in that venue filled with lakhs, but as soon as Vivekananda reached the podium and said “My American sisters and brothers”… the whole hall echoed with applause and applause till then. It kept ringing till Vivekananda spoke. In this conference, he told things related to Indian culture and Sanatan Dharma and inspired people to follow the path of truth and loyalty.

One day man gets mixed in this soil

He had said that ‘Many civilizations were destroyed due to the stubbornness of humans, I think this religious conference will prove to be the destroyer of bigotry, dogma and sorrows. It is difficult to describe in words the love and warmth with which you have welcomed us. I’m going to be a Ruchina Vaichitriyadrjukutilnananapathjusham. Nrunameko gamyastvamasi payasamarnav iv॥’ That is, the way many rivers merge into the sea at the end, in the same way one day a human being merges with this soil and merges with God.’

  Swami Vivekananda Chicago Speech:

It is better to seek God within oneself than to wander here and there. Change in the country, society and human being is possible only when every child of the country is educated, but his education should also be such that the physical, mental and spiritual development of the child can take place, he should be educated as well as literate. The youth of the country are the architects of the country’s progress, so they should know the path of right and wrong and you will have to get this from the scriptures, not from weapons.

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‘My Sisters and Brothers of America’, Swami Vivekananda Created History in 1893 World’s Parliament of Religions Chicago. Swami Vivekananda Jayanti on 12th January.

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