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Negligence: Operated and left scissors in stomach, now consumer forum fined 6 lakhs


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Updated: Saturday, June 18, 2022, 13:05 [IST]

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Jabalpur, June 18: Caesarean delivery to a woman at Lady Elgin Hospital in Jabalpur proved to be very costly. The child was born but the scissor was left in the woman’s stomach. A few days later, when the woman got some tests done due to increasing pain in the stomach, the doctors were blown away. In this case of 11 cm scissors left in the stomach, the consumer forum was taken on behalf of the victim. Where the court has imposed a fine of 6 lakhs on the responsible.


Sometimes the slightest carelessness can cost a lot to anyone. Manju Kushwaha, a resident of Jabalpur, had done a caesarean delivery at the Government Lady Elgin Hospital. The child was born but 11 cm long scissors were left in his stomach. He came to know about it when there was constant pain in his stomach and then got the investigation done in a private hospital in Bhopal. The doctors advised Manju to undergo USG and Radiography test. In which this great negligence was exposed. Later Manju got the scissor out of the stomach after doing the operation.


consumer forum imposed 6 lakh fine

Victim Manju filed a complaint in consumer forum against Lady Elgin Hospital management and doctors. In which he mentioned his physical, financial and mental troubles. In the complaint filed, the victim told that gynecologist Dr. Neerja Dubey had done caesarean delivery. When Neerja Dubey was again shown the pain persisting in the stomach, she assumed normal pain and gave some medicines. But he did not get any benefit from them. Later, when various tests were done on the advice of doctors in a hospital in Bhopal, there were scissors inside the stomach. After that the operation was done then the scissors were taken out.


Secretary Health Department and CMHO are also responsible

After reaching the matter in the Consumer Forum, all the facts were considered. After the completion of the hearing, Forum President Rajesh Srivastava, members Sushma Patel and Amit Singh Tiwari said in their order that apart from the doctor, the employer is also responsible for this negligence. Therefore, joint and separate damages should be given to the complainant. The court jointly issued directions to Dr. Neerja Dubey to pay a compensation of Rs.

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Negligence: Operation done and scissors left in stomach, now consumer forum fined 6 lakhs

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