‘Neha Kakkar now bus kar… Khichdi ki shop open lo yaar…’ Neha sang Falguni Pathak’s ‘Sajna’ remake, so people were furious – न्यूज़लीड India

‘Neha Kakkar now bus kar… Khichdi ki shop open lo yaar…’ Neha sang Falguni Pathak’s ‘Sajna’ remake, so people were furious

Neha surprised the fans

Let us inform that on Sunday, T-Series released the teaser of Neha Kakkar’s song, which is a remake of Falguni Pathak’s song Sajna. During this, the fans of Neha Kakkar were seen enjoying the song but the netizens did not like this song and they trolled Neha Kakkar in a tremendous way for this.

Why did the netizens get angry after listening to the song?

Social media users accused Neha Kakkar of spoiling her childhood. One user wrote Neha Kakkar, just do it now. T series you guys open khichdi shop man. You make khichdi of songs well. Horrible. Another user wrote that this childhood hit hopefully turns out to be good. Love Sri Lanka.

'Enough is enough, Neha'

‘Enough is enough, Neha’

At the same time, another user wrote that enough is enough. He ruined my whole childhood. very terrifying. One user got furious after listening to Neha Kakkar’s song and said that it was a very cute song, till you did not ruin it with your voice.

people told lies

people told lies

Another user said oh god why do they need to spoil every beautiful old song. One person expressed his anger by calling it an insult. This was such a beautiful and soothing song by Falguni Pathak, why did you guys ruin this song?

What did Neha Kakkar say?

What did Neha Kakkar say?

Recently Neha Kakkar said that not everyone is as sensitive as they are. That’s why she doesn’t want to blame those who made fun of her. In a conversation with ETimes, Neha said that I cannot blame her.

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'I look fake to such people' - Neha

‘I look fake to such people’ – Neha

Neha said that there are many people who are not emotional at all. I can look fake. But people who are sensitive like me, will understand and relate to me. Nowadays we see many such people who do not understand anyone’s pain. But I have this quality, which I do not regret.

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