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Nepal Election: Second election after the constitution was changed, know the answers to all the questions



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Updated: Sunday, November 20, 2022, 15:34 [IST]

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election in nepal

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election in nepal

Central and provincial elections are being held in Nepal in a single phase on Sunday. The Election Commission of Nepal has prepared a total of 10892 polling centers and 22227 booths for conducting the polls. These are the second elections in Nepal after the constitution was changed in 2015. These general elections of Nepal are also being seen as a contest between old traditional leaders and new candidates. Many professionals are also trying their hand at politics in the contest for the House of Representatives (Parliament) and provincial assemblies of Nepal.

There are a total of 275 seats in the Parliament of Nepal, out of which elections are being held on 165 seats under the First Past the Post (FPTP) system. A total of 2412 candidates are in the fray for these 165 seats, out of which 2187 are men and 225 are women. Members will be elected on the remaining 110 seats under the proportional representation system. Whereas for 330 seats in the provincial assembly, a total of 3224 candidates are in the fray, out of which 2943 are men and 280 are women while one candidate has declared her gender as other. Is.

Elections are being held on 330 seats under the FTPP system, while members will be elected on the remaining 220 seats under the proportional representation system. The number of seats which party gets after the voting on Sunday will decide the number of seats it will get in Parliament and Assemblies under the proportional representation system.

Former TV host and Independent Party candidate Rabi Lamichhane contacts voters during his election campaign

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Former TV host and Independent Party candidate Rabi Lamichhane contacts voters during his election campaign

wave of new candidates

This time many new faces have entered the politics of Nepal. Leaving professional fields like doctors, engineering and journalism, they have come with the aim of doing something new in politics. The newly formed National Independent Party has given tickets to many such professionals. Former TV host Rabi Lamichhane is the head of the National Independent Party. Just before the election, a controversy has also arisen regarding Rabi’s citizenship. Rabi had taken the citizenship of some other country leaving the citizenship of Nepal. Now his opponents have alleged that Rabi has not clarified the position regarding taking citizenship of Nepal again. However, his party has called this controversy baseless. Rabi is contesting from Padampur seat in Chitwan district. His party has given ticket to Dr. Toshima Karki from Lalitpur district. Many more such professionals have been fielded by this party.

successive governments

Democracy was established in Nepal in the year 1990 and in the year 2008 the monarchy was abolished here. There have been 32 governments in the 32 years since democracy was established and since 2008 ten governments have come and gone in the last fourteen years. The changing coalitions and governments have given rise to the frustration of the political system among the people of Nepal and in response to this many new faces are in the fray to compete with the old politicians and present a new alternative.

who’s who in the field

election in nepal

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election in nepal

The main contest in Nepal’s elections is between two alliances. The ruling coalition, led by Prime Minister Sher Bahadur Deuba, includes his party, the Nepali Congress, Pushpa Kamal Dahal Prachanda’s Communist Party of Nepal Maoist Center (CPN-MC) and Madhav Kumar Nepal’s Communist Party of Nepal – Unified Socialist (CPN-US). Huh. There is an opposition coalition led by former prime minister KP Sharma Oli, which includes the Communist Party of Nepal – United Marxist (CPN-UML) along with the pro-monarchist Rashtriya Prajatantra Party (RPP), which is contesting 150 seats under the FPTP system. Has been Old politicians have been facing allegations of corruption and disorder. In such a situation, many independent candidates and small parties are also in the fray. The National Independent Party is also challenging the old parties on many seats.

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What are the issues in the election?

Corruption and the current economic condition of the country are the biggest issues in Nepal’s elections. The common people are fed up with the alleged corruption in the executive and judiciary. Inflation and weak economy have made life difficult for the people. There are still many areas in Nepal which are deprived of basic facilities like roads and electricity. Due to the current situation, there is resentment among the common people, especially the young voters. This is the reason why there is a campaign to boycott old leaders on social media in Nepal. Nepal’s stand on global affairs is also an issue in the elections. The Prime Minister of Nepal has also been criticized for taking the side of America regarding the ongoing war in Russia-Ukraine. At the same time, citizenship is a big issue in the Madhesh region of Nepal. The Citizenship Bill was passed in the Parliament of Nepal but the President is yet to sign it. Citizenship in Nepal has been a big question for the Madhesis.

Madheshi have been demanding that those born in Nepal should get citizenship on the basis of birth. However, this issue has not been resolved yet. In the elections, both the alliances are making their respective promises of providing citizenship to the Madheshis. At the same time, Indian elephants are also an issue in the areas bordering India. According to a BBC Nepali report, voters in Jhapa district, which is adjacent to India, are demanding to get rid of the infiltrating Indian elephants from the leaders coming to seek votes. Talking to BBC Nepali, many local people have said that due to the intrusion of elephants, they live in fear and cannot sleep at night. They allege that elephants also destroy crops.

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India’s election eye

India is also keeping an eye on the elections in Nepal. India has always had strong relations with its northern neighbor Nepal, but these relations have softened in recent years. Former Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli has promised to include Lipulekh, Kalapani and Limpiyadhara in Nepal. India considers them a part of its Uttarakhand province, while Nepal had presented its claim on these areas during the previous government of KP Sharma Oli. In the year 2015, when Nepal changed the constitution, India cut off contact with Nepal. Nepal is dependent on imports for most of its needs, a large part of which passes through India. Nepal had to face difficulties due to India’s economic blockade.

The tension that started between the two countries in 2018 due to the land dispute (Lipulekh, Kalapani and Limpiyadhara) has not completely calmed down yet. The increasing influence of China in Nepal is also a matter of concern for India. This is the reason why India is keeping a close watch on the politics of Nepal.

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