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Nirma Founder: Karsan Bhai’s story of success through struggle, why was washing powder named Nirma?

Nirma Founder: Karsan Bhai’s story of success through struggle, why was washing powder named Nirma?

Once upon a time, whether in cinema halls or on TV, advertisements for Nirman washing powder were seen a lot. But few people know the story of the struggle of Karsan Bhai, the owner of Nirma Company.


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Published: Saturday, January 14, 2023, 14:19 [IST]

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Nirma Founder success story of Karsan Bhai why was washing powder named Nirma

Nirma is a popular brand in washing powder and its manufacturer was Karsan Bhai Patel. He was born in a farmer’s family in Mehsana, Gujarat. There was no connection with business at all. After completing his studies, he became a lab technician at New Cotton Mills, Ahmedabad. After some time he got a government job in the Mining and Geology Department of the Government of Gujarat. Then an accident changed his life. His school going daughter died in an accident. He wanted his daughter to do something by studying and writing so that the whole country should know her. But who can avoid the happening.

This is how Nirma’s journey began
Karsan Bhai was completely broken by the death of his daughter and with this his dream of seeing his daughter become something was also shattered. Despite this, he had made up his mind to immortalize his daughter in the world and he did it. Karsanbhai’s daughter’s name was Nirupama but everyone fondly called her Nirma. Karsanbhai decided to make washing powder with the same name. His aim was to keep his daughter’s name alive forever with this effort.

Nirma sold door to door
He started it in 1969. At that time, one kg surf packet was priced at Rs 15. While Karsan Bhai was selling Nirma powder at only Rs.3.50 per kg. Karsan Bhai had a government job, due to which he used to sell washing powder on his way to and from office. How to increase the popularity of his goods, so he came up with an idea. Actually they started giving money back guarantee on every packet of Nirma if the clothes are not clean. Good quality and low price made it popular soon.

had left the job
When Karsanbhai Patel saw that his product was making its place among the people, he decided to give his full time to his business. He left the government job after 3 years of Nirma’s launch. Karsanbhai had also set up shop in a small workshop on the outskirts of Ahmedabad city. Within 10 years of its launch, Nirma became the largest selling detergent in India.

Karsanbhai adopted an interesting technique to create demand for Nirma Powder in the market. Due to this, the sale of Nirma powder started increasing rapidly in the market without spending any money. In fact, Karsanbhai asked the wives of his factory workers to regularly visit all the general stores, grocery stores in their locality, neighborhood and demand Nirma washing powder. When the shopkeepers saw that so many women were demanding a particular washing powder, then when the distributors of Nirma reached those shops, the shopkeepers would immediately stock Nirma.

when the cell started decreasing
Within a few years, Nirma quickly established itself in Gujarat. On the other hand, when he thought of doing this work outside Gujarat, he had to face a lot of disappointment because the shopkeepers used to take the goods from him on credit and when the time came to pay the money, either the shopkeeper would drive away the person asking for the money or the next month But avoids it. At that time, Nirma was not able to stand even among the big brands in the market and gradually its sales graph started falling.

Advertisement changed fortunes
After such a huge loss, Karsan Bhai asked his team to bring back all his washing powder packets from the market. The team felt that Karsanbhai might have given up and would stop his work. However, this was not the case. Something else was going on in Karsan Bhai’s mind. After this Nirma’s advertisement came on TV and overnight it attracted people’s attention. Now Nirma washing powder had become famous not only in Gujarat but in the whole country.

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bought big companies
There was a time when Nirma was not running and there was a time when Karsan Bhai Patel bought companies up to America. In fact, in 2007, Nirma had bought Searles Valley Minerals Inc, a US-based raw material company, which made Nirma one of the top 7 soda ash manufacturers in the world. In 2011, Patel and his family decided to delist Nirma and convert it into a private company. In 2014, the group started manufacturing cement through a plant in Nimbol. In 2016, the group bought the cement assets of Lafarge India for $1.4 billion.

17th richest person in India
In 2012, Karsanbhai Patel, after taking over the construction for a long time, handed over its operations to his two sons and son-in-law. Talking about Karsanbhai Patel’s net worth, according to Forbes, as of December 2022, Karsanbhai Patel is the 17th richest person in India with a net worth of $2.9 billion. Whereas, Forbes has ranked him 1016th in the list of the world’s richest people.

Karsanbhai Patel, once a cyclist, bought a six-seater chopper in 2013 for Rs 40 crore. Karsanbhai Patel was the third industrialist from Ahmedabad to buy a helicopter, after Adani Group Chairman Gautam Adani and Zydus Group promoter Pankaj Patel.

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Nirma Founder success story of Karsan Bhai why was washing powder named Nirma

Story first published: Saturday, January 14, 2023, 14:19 [IST]

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