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No government has done as much work as we have done on drugs – Vij


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Published: Thursday, November 24, 2022, 15:38 [IST]

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The Haryana Narcotics Control Bureau, constituted by the State Home Minister Anil Vij, is constantly moving towards its success in order to root out drug addiction. Along with catching drugs, the bureau also works to make people aware of the harm caused by drugs. Regarding this campaign, State Home Minister Anil Vij told that today whatever the opposition may say, we are not worried. But we are very concerned about drugs and no other nearby government has done as much work as we have done continuously.

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Vij told that the important reason for the formation of Haryana Narcotics Control Bureau by him was that an independent body could not only keep an eye on it but also work on it on its own. Because the routine duties in the police stations are so much that they are unable to keep an eye on it. That’s why bureaus were formed which along with catching drugs, also educate people. He said that in this process of ours, we have decided to form committees from state to village level to make people aware, which is currently in process. We made an app related to this so that people can upload any information related to drugs on it and we can take action on it. We have also created a toll free number and continuously we are moving forward to eliminate the root cause of drug addiction.

Let us tell you that in this campaign to eliminate drugs from the state, the Home Minister of the state, Anil Vij, had entrusted the responsibility to a very fearless and honest ADGP level officer Shrikant Jadhav. Under his leadership, the bureau has continuously achieved many major successes. Many IPS and DSP level officers are also working for the Special Bureau. Taking it as a campaign and a challenge, according to ADGP Shrikant Jadhav, it is not possible to uproot the drugs that have taken root in the state by mere efforts of the police. Undoubtedly, the police in the state is fulfilling its responsibility, but even today, somewhere or the other, the general public hesitates to talk to the police. That’s why journalists have to come forward.

There is a need to fight a long battle by making this campaign a big mass movement. In the olden days, when it was a tradition to touch the feet of parents and take their blessings, today the respect of parents has decreased, the era of saying hello has pushed us towards downfall. Today small children are ending their lives in drug addiction. Along with improving the systems, the old rituals have to be brought back. He will involve eminent persons, school management and socio-religious organizations in every village in the campaign against drugs. Jadhav said that fearing social harm, parents hide their child’s drug addiction. While doing so becomes the cause of a great loss not only for that child but also for the family. The family which becomes a victim of economic, mental and social loss leads to downfall. Therefore, while playing an important role, the journalist society will also have to use the power of its pen to save the society. Only then our society-state-country will move towards development.

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Story first published: Thursday, November 24, 2022, 15:38 [IST]

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