No mosque, new law on Muslims.. ‘Hardcore’ speech of Italy’s new Prime Minister goes viral in India – न्यूज़लीड India

No mosque, new law on Muslims.. ‘Hardcore’ speech of Italy’s new Prime Minister goes viral in India

No mosque, new law on Muslims.. ‘Hardcore’ speech of Italy’s new Prime Minister goes viral in India

New rules will be made regarding mosques

Famous scholar Tariq Fatah has shared a video of Georgia Meloni on her account, in which she is seen talking about Muslims and mosques. In the video, Giorgia Meloni is saying, ‘We are currently in Marciano, Umbria, and this is the area where a new mosque is to be built, but we have arrived here and we have stopped the construction of the new mosque. Is. Until we make a new rule, no new mosque will be built. We will control the construction of mosques, as it is necessary for the safety of citizens. This law is necessary for the safety of the people, which has been drafted by our ‘Brothers of Italy’ party. He has further said in the video that, ‘We will bring professional law for the Imams and they will have to follow that. We want to know what kind of people do the work of teaching inside the mosques.’

'Italian law has to be obeyed'

‘Italian law has to be obeyed’

New Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni said that, ‘Since we live in Italy, they have to follow Italian law. And we live in Italy, that’s why whatever conversations happen inside mosques will be in Italian so that everyone can understand what they are saying. Along with this, we also want to know who is funding these mosques and their cultural institutions, because it is no secret, that these mosques and most of the cultural centers are funded from fundamentalist countries. These mosques and cultural institutions are funded by countries such as Saudi Arabia and Qatar, where there is a law to beheaded for hand, where it is a law to hang. Where there is hanging for homosex, stoning is included in the punishment, and where women have no rights. And the model of his governance, we do not want to see any glimpse of it in our country and we do not want any publicity of it in our country.

Strict laws for Islamic fundamentalists

He said, “We will enact strict punishment for Islamic fundamentalists, and unfortunately Islamic extremism is a reality that we face every day. We have faced Islamic extremism in the past and we have seen in the past, how an Islamic extremist almost slit a man’s throat while wearing a cross. And he did this work as if wearing a cross was banned in Italy.’ He said, ‘That’s why we are saying that we will make the strictest law for the safety of our citizens and will not allow any other mosque to be built until we get the new law passed.’

Muslim refugees consider danger

Muslim refugees consider danger

Enrico Letta, leader of the leading centrist Democratic Party, told the British newspaper The Financial Times that the future of Europe would become less strong and less secure under Meloni’s rule. His view is not pro-European. His view is not pro-European. Meloni also accuses the European Union of changing Italy’s race. Meloni said that refugees, especially Muslim refugees, prove to be a threat to the country. He campaigned fiercely against Muslim refugees in his election campaign.

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