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Opioids Research: Pain will now be relieved naturally, not a pain killer, how will Peptides play an important role?

Opioids Research: Pain will now be relieved naturally, not a pain killer, how will Peptides play an important role?

If medicine developers pay attention to the latest research, then the health hazard caused by pain killer drugs can be removed. Scientists of America and China have made big claims in their latest research.


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Updated: Saturday, March 18, 2023, 18:04 [IST]

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Opioids Research

Opioids Research:
The decreasing immunity of humans in the world can create a dire situation in the future. We all have also seen this in the Corona epidemic in the past. There is hardly any country left in the world where the process of increasing the demand for pain killer drugs does not continue in the middle of the last several decades. That is, painkillers are in the highest demand. Knowing about its side effects, we often keep taking pain killer medicines when there is no alternative. But now considering the harm caused by such medicines to the health, the experts of medical science have done a research, under which now the pain can be removed without any side effects.

Research on Opioid Receptors
According to a new research article published in the science journal ‘Journal Cell’, new research has helped to understand how receptors select specific peptides. How do drugs change the signal they send to the brain? Indeed, peptides may help provide safer opioids. This is a continuous process. Which has been tried to understand closely in the latest research.

side effects of pain killers
One of the most effective and powerful painkillers currently available in the world. But it also has many side effects. In case of side effects from pain killer, some cases are very serious. These include numbness, addiction and breathing problems. Which has fatal consequences. For the past several years, researchers were worried about this side effect and they were looking for an alternative to pain killers. Under which many experiments were also done. Recently, scientists experimented with four opioid receptors. However, so far there has not been complete success in this regard. But scientists have made a big claim about this.

What is analgesic effect?
Binds to opioid receptors on cell surfaces to produce a pain-relieving effect. This is called the analgesic effect. Indeed, opioid receptors are a group of protein-coupled receptors. About 40 percent have properties similar to those of somatostatin. Analgesics have different effects than anesthetics. They do not block nerves to numb the body or alter one’s state of consciousness.

What are peptides?
Scientists from America and China did research on the causes and treatment of brain pain. In which peptides had an important role. Rather, a short chain of amino acids is called a peptide. Many peptides are formed in the formation of proteins. The only difference between proteins and peptides is their size. The bond to which the amino acids are linked is called a peptide bond.

What did the scientists find in the research?
Researchers believe their knowledge of opioids may one day help drug developers create safer drugs for the relief of severe pain. Using a technique called cryogenic electron microscopy (cryo-EM) and a series of experiments on cells, the researchers looked at the detailed structures of natural peptides. The research claimed that all four of the peptides were bound to opioid receptors. Cryo-EM images visualized how peptides and receptors interact. “We could predict interactions between opioid peptides and receptors, which in turn guided biochemical studies, were we to understand how these interactions lead to receptor activation,” said Int. Jeffrey F. DiBerto.

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Natural ways to get relief from pain
The latest research on peptides has been done by medical experts from America and China. Cryogenic electron microscopy technique was used in the research. US Scientists Jeffrey F. DiBerto said in an interview, “There are four types of opioid receptors in the human body, which are activated by opioid peptides. These peptides bind to these subtypes with varying levels of selectivity. As a result, the person’s brain Pain is prepared for responses to stimuli.Scientists claimed that by taking information related to this research, alternatives to pain drugs can be found in a natural way.

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Opioids Research Pain relieved naturally how will Peptides play important role

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