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People are not taking interest in becoming Panch, even nominations have not been filed

People are not taking interest in becoming Panch, even nominations have not been filed


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Published: Wednesday, June 8, 2022, 22:30 [IST]

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Gwalior, June 8. In the Panchayat elections going to be held this time, candidates are not being found to become Panch. In many panchayats of Gwalior Chambal division, not a single nomination has been filed for the post of Panch. Hundreds of Panch posts are lying vacant in eight districts, but no one is interested in becoming a Panch.

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1850 Panch posts left vacant in Ashoknagar

In Ashoknagar district alone, 1850 Panch posts remained vacant. Here, not a single candidate filed his nomination for the 1850 Panch posts lying vacant after the deadline. No one is ready to become a panch in 1850 wards of 328 gram panchayats of Ashoknagar district.
No nomination was filed for 3240 Panch posts in Bhind district

Not a single nomination has been filed for 3240 Panch posts in Bhind district. There are a total of 8025 Panch posts in the district, out of which no candidate is being found for 3240 Panch posts.
Half the posts of Panchs remained vacant in Sheopur

If we talk about Sheopur, then in Sheopur also half the posts of Panchs remained vacant. There are total 3645 posts in Sheopur District. Nominations could be filed for only half of these posts and no nominations were submitted for half of the posts. In such a situation, half the Panch posts of the district remained vacant.
Because of this people are not writing, interested in becoming a punch

People are not taking interest in becoming a panch. Some reasons for this have also come out. In order to file nomination for the post of Panch, along with the panchayat, noduse of the electricity department has to be taken. Many claimants have outstanding dues of the electricity department, so they are not getting the noduse. Apart from this, the Panchs have not got much authority in the Gram Panchayat. He can raise the problem only by being present in the Gram Sabha. The Sarpanch has the power to take decisions. Sarpanch and Secretary have an important role in the meeting. Whereas the punch is not so important, because they do not have any rights. Apart from this, for the last few years, the Election Commission has made many rules for the post of Panch. About ₹ 3000 is spent in filing nomination for the post of Panch. Apart from this, 4 to 5 thousand are also spent in getting noduse done. After this, money is also spent in establishing fielding in the village. Overall, the expenses on the post of Panch are high and there is no authority. That’s why people are not taking interest.

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english summary

thousands of panchs of gwalior chambal zone did not get candidates for the post

Story first published: Wednesday, June 8, 2022, 22:30 [IST]

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