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Planet Parade: The rare event in the solar system where all the planets are seen in the sky

Planet Parade: The rare event in the solar system where all the planets are seen in the sky

Our solar system contains many mysteries in itself. The rare opportunity to see the planets orbiting around the Sun together becomes a memorable moment in your life.


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Updated: Thursday, January 5, 2023, 10:08 [IST]

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On January 2, 2023, NASA shared a picture of Tunc Tezel, an astronomer and night sky photographer living in Turkey. Tunc Tezel said that Venus, Saturn, Jupiter and Mars all appear together in the west just after sunset on January 2. Listed from west to east, Venus is said to be closest to the horizon in this planetary line. Also, the official website of NASA also told that it does not matter where you live on the earth as this Planet Parade will be clearly visible around the world.

What is Planet Parade
Giving information, Deputy Director of Pathani Samanta Planetarium, Subhendu Patnaik said that in the last week of April 2022, the planets Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn were seen almost in a straight line in the east direction about 1 hour before sunrise. This rare celestial event is called the Planet Parade. Please tell that there is no scientific definition of Planet Parade. When this type of event happens in the solar system and some planets come together in one direction and become visible from the earth, then this combination formed in the solar system is called Planet Parade.

According to the Society for Promotion of Science and Technology in India, another word for the planet parade is ‘appulse’. The following types of planet parades are distinguished according to the number of planets participating in the parade of planets—small planet parade – 3 planets, small planet parade – 4 planets, and large planet parade – 5 or 6 planets.

The Great (Full) Planet Parade – All the planets of the Solar System ( Pluto sometimes). Whereas minor planet parades are not rare occurrences. Several times a year the three planets can be seen together in the same part of the sky.

On June 24, 2022, five planets appeared together
By the way, there is a coincidence of two or three planets coming in a line every year, but five planets being in a line together happens in years. On 24 June 2022, this astronomical phenomenon of Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn appearing in a line was seen after 18 years on 24 June. Earlier in 2004, such an incident happened.

What if all the planets come in a line?
There is so much difference in the time distance of all the planets orbiting the Sun that they come together in a straight line, it can never be possible. A research has shown that such an event took place on February 26, 1953, when all the planets of the solar system were not in one line, but almost in a straight line to the Sun. In 1974, a British science writer had said in a book that in 1982 the five big planets would come in a straight line. If all the planets lined up exactly, NASA says nothing significant would happen. It will not cause any harm to the earth.

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Five planets will be seen together in 2041
The event that is supposed to happen in June 2022 previously happened in 2004. After this, the Forbes website informed that now this event will not happen before 2041. However, Forbes says that before 2041, an ultra-rare golden conjunction will form on September 8, 2040. That is, Mars, Mercury, Venus, Saturn and Jupiter will appear in the same small part of the night sky just after sunset in the west. But in the scene captured by Tunc Tezel in his camera, most of the planets are visible in the sky together in January 2023 itself. You can see this photo here. Link:

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Planet Parade: Rare Event In Solar System Where All Planets Are Seen In Sky

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