Powerful Hurricane Ian wreaks havoc in Florida, 20 missing, 18 lakh homes’ ‘batti gul’ – न्यूज़लीड India

Powerful Hurricane Ian wreaks havoc in Florida, 20 missing, 18 lakh homes’ ‘batti gul’

Strong storm speed 241 kmph

The powerful storm hit the Florida coast on Wednesday. During this there was torrential rain and strong winds. Due to the dust and strong winds blowing on the roads, the surrounding areas started looking deserted. It was one of the most dangerous Category 4 storms that gusted to 241 kmph and caused heavy destruction.

Power failure in homes of 18 lakh people

The arrival of Hurricane Ian caused power outages in the homes of 18 lakh people in Florida, due to which there was darkness all around. Electric transformers were blown away by the storm. In a viral video you can see how the spark started coming out of the transformer when it flew off and for some time the surroundings became lit and after a few seconds it was dark again.

20 people missing off Florida coast

Let us tell you that before the hurricane hit Florida, Ian caused huge destruction in Cuba. Two people are reported to have died in this storm. Due to this devastating storm, the power of 10 million homes went out. US border officials say several Cuban migrants are missing after their boat capsized off the Florida coast.

Relief and rescue teams were present on the spot

Relief and rescue teams were present on the spot

As the storm struck Florida, the federal government immediately dispatched medical teams with 300 ambulances. The flood situation had arisen in the area due to the storm and heavy rains. The rescue team provided food and drinking water for the people. At the same time, US President Joe Biden assured the people of Florida of cleaning and rebuilding the area. He said that the government would be present at every step for their safety. This is my absolute commitment to the people of the state of Florida.

Terrible view from space

Terrible view from space

Ian’s frightening sight was seen from space in the Caribbean countries including America, Mexico. Astronauts on the International Space Center (ISS) captured it on camera. The ISS was passing over it when the storm hit the Cuban coast. Astronauts who recorded its photos and videos.

(Photo Credit : Twitter)

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