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Proposal to make 6 airbags mandatory inside the car postponed for a year, will now be implemented from October 2023!


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Published: Thursday, September 29, 2022, 16:50 [IST]

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New Delhi, September 29.
After the death of former Tata Sons chairman Cyrus Mistry in a road accident, there has been talk of making 6 airbags mandatory inside vehicles. The government had also indicated that car makers would soon be instructed to make 6 airbags mandatory in all cars, but Union Road Transport Minister Nitin Gadkari has said that this proposal was postponed for a year. Is.

Airbag in car

The proposal will come into force from 1 October 2023.

According to the information, Nitin Gadkari has said that the government has decided to postpone the proposal to make six airbags mandatory in cars by one year and implement it from October 1, 2023. Nitin Gadkari said that due to problems in the global supply chain, the proposal of 6 airbags has been postponed for the time being.

The system of 6 airbags in an 8-seater vehicle will be implemented from October 1

Let us tell you that earlier, keeping in mind the safety of the people, the government had made it mandatory to install 6 airbags in eight-seat vehicles. This decision of the government will be effective from 1 October 2022. Nitin Gadkari said in a tweet that the motor industry is facing global supply constraints, so the proposal to make 6 airbags mandatory will come into effect from October 2023.

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implement the proposal mandating a minimum of 6 Airbags in car from October 2023

Story first published: Thursday, September 29, 2022, 16:50 [IST]

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