Rahul Dravid told the secret of Suryakumar Yadav’s success, said a big thing about Rishabh Pant – न्यूज़लीड India

Rahul Dravid told the secret of Suryakumar Yadav’s success, said a big thing about Rishabh Pant

suryakumar amazing

Rahul Dravid said that it is a difficult tournament, this format is very difficult. It’s good to be in the top 4, but we have to focus on two more matches ahead and do better in that. Regarding Suryakumar Yadav, Rahul Dravid said that he is amazing and that is the reason why he is the number 1 T20 player in the world. The strike rate at which he is playing continuously in T20 is not easy at all. His strike rate is going up, he is very clear about his technique and process. He has worked very hard, he has worked a lot on his fitness. The kind of hard work he has put in in the last two months is amazing. The hard work he has put in off the field is paying off. I think he has been wonderful to us. It’s a pleasure to watch him, he does the show completely in his name, no doubt about it.

Rishabh Pant supported

Rishabh Pant supported

We have never lost faith in Rishabh Pant. We have full faith in all our 15 players. But our compulsion is that only 11 players can play in the match. The playing 11 of the team is selected on the basis of what mix should be in the team. It is a fact that all these 15 players are part of the World Cup, so it is quite clear that we have a lot of trust in them. This means that we can call any of these players to play at any time. These 15 players have been selected from among many others, so there is no doubt that we have a lot of faith in these players.

We don't decide on the basis of one match

We don’t decide on the basis of one match

On Rishabh Pant’s early dismissal against Zimbabwe, Dravid said that when he went to bat his role was to score quick runs, he hit the left arm spinner and he got out, but I do not consider it his fault in that We do not judge any player on the basis of one match. He is an excellent player. He is practicing continuously, hitting good shots in the nets, practicing wicket-keeping. What kind of technique we will need in the coming matches, what kind of bowlers we will have to face, on the basis of all these things, the players are selected in the playing 11. Dravid said that all our 15 players are excellent, they do not weaken us but strengthen us.

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