Rahul Gandhi gave special advice to the new president of Congress, said- Don’t forget that this party… – न्यूज़लीड India

Rahul Gandhi gave special advice to the new president of Congress, said- Don’t forget that this party…


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Published: Thursday, September 22, 2022, 15:12 [IST]

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Kochi, 22 September.
Today is the 15th day of Congress’s Bharat Jodo Yatra. On this occasion, during the press conference in Kerala, Rahul Gandhi answered all the questions related to his visit. During this, Rahul Gandhi was asked about the next President of Congress. When Rahul Gandhi was asked what do you want to suggest to the next Congress President. To this Rahul said, I would like to suggest that you are going to take a position which will be historic, which has defined an ideology of India. The post of Congress President is not just a post but an ideology, I would suggest that whoever becomes the President of Congress should remember that he represents one ideology, one faith and the faith of India.

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Rahul Gandhi

Millions of people have joined this journey

Regarding his Bharat Jodo Yatra, Rahul Gandhi said that we are fighting against a machine that has captured the institutions of the country, which has unlimited money, unlimited ability to threaten people, unlimited power of these people. Huh. The purpose of this visit is that we need to unite. I have said many times that this yatra is being done by hundreds of Congressmen. There are lakhs of people in Congress, I am just a participant, people are only paying attention to me, but thousands and lakhs of people are involved in this journey. I have one thought, why am I doing this journey, but millions of people are involved in this journey. Whether I am a candidate for the post of Prime Minister or not is a different issue, but this visit is not about this, this question is done to suppress the idea of ​​this visit, I will not fall into this trap.

Common man is not getting help

Rahul said that India’s journey has not even started, now we have covered 325 kms, so you cannot call me India traveler. Right now I am a traveler of only 4-5 districts. Different person speaks about different things. When I met the fishermen, they were saying that our land is being occupied, the rubber worker says that imports are coming from Africa, this is causing our loss. Everyone is saying that our land is under attack, we are under pressure. When we ask why this is happening, he says that there are some big industrialists in the country who can do everything. We are not getting the help that we should get from the government from the bank.

some people have unlimited money

I am very clear about the purpose of my journey. People have to be united in India, the way hatred, violence is being promoted and seen in the country, to drive people out from it. This country is known for non-violence, this is the true India. Apart from this, the way the gap between rich and poor has increased, it is also our big concern. The poor is facing a lot of difficulties, while the rich have unlimited money, which is not good for the country.

There is a clear plan for UP

After all, why the Quit India Yatra did not start from UP, Rahul said that we have taken this route on the basis that this idea reaches from one end of India to the other. We are going to UP for some time, we are not going to Bihar, West Bengal, Gujarat, it is because we want this journey to go from one part to another. The truth is that we cannot walk for 10,000 kms, we have a limit. We have a clear idea about what to do for UP.

hate-violence in the country

I think there was tremendous support from the people in Kerala, people joined us in large numbers, irrespective of their ideology. Through this journey we are taking forward two ideas that those who stay united do not fight with each other. The second issue of this visit is unemployment and rising inflation. With these three ideas, we are taking this journey forward. The way capital in the country is limited to a few people, it is having a direct impact on the people. I believe that no matter which state we go to, it will get the same success because everyone is struggling with these problems.

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Rahul Gandhi’s suggestion to the next Congress president how he should be.

Story first published: Thursday, September 22, 2022, 15:12 [IST]

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