Rahul’s Bharat Jodo Yatra is working to spread hatred in the country: BJP spokesperson Durgesh Keswani – न्यूज़लीड India

Rahul’s Bharat Jodo Yatra is working to spread hatred in the country: BJP spokesperson Durgesh Keswani

After the entry of Bharat Jodo Yatra in Madhya Pradesh, the BJP organization of the state is constantly attacking the Congress. During the press conference in Burhanpur, BJP leaders are now fiercely criticizing Rahul Gandhi’s visit after the Congress leader called Hindutva fierce and ugly. State spokesperson of BJP, Dr. Durgesh Keswani said that Kanhaiya Kumar, the one who divided India, is the architect of the journey. How can that journey connect India? The places through which this Bharat Jodo Yatra of Congress has passed. There, this visit has done the work of sowing the seeds of hatred among the people. He said that this yatra has been controversial since the beginning. In Kerala, those who sat at the crossroads carrying the severed head of mother cow welcomed this yatra. On the other hand, George Poonia had reached Tamil Nadu to welcome the visit. This is the same Punia, who wears shoes because there is a fear of infection in his feet while roaming on the land of India. On the other hand, on reaching Maharashtra, Rahul himself insulted the patriot Veer Savarkar.

The facilitators are the ones who call Hindus terrorists:

Raising questions on the yatra, Dr. Keswani said that when this yatra itself is insulting the nation, patriots and the culture of the nation, then how can this yatra unite India. Digvijay Singh, who calls terrorists to Hindus, peace ambassador to Zakir Naik and respect to terrorists, is the architect of this journey in MP. This same Digvijay Singh had also done the work of erecting a road on the Shri Ram temple being built in Ayadhya. Dr. Keswani said that only those who spread hatred in the country and stop the development of the country are supporting this yatra. Medha Patkar, who has stopped the development of Gujarat for the last two decades, is giving her support to this yatra.

Hindutva has been described as ugly and ugly at various forums of this journey. It is on this platform that anti-Hindu people like Jairam Ramesh and Digvijay Singh encourage the youth to do such things. In such a situation, all the objectives of this journey can be understood. Dr. Keswani has questioned the Congress and Rahul Gandhi that why does the Gandhi family and the entire Congress hate Hindu religion and Hindus so much?

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