Rakhi Sawant filed anticipatory bail petition in Bombay High Court, Sherlyn Chopra had made serious allegations – न्यूज़लीड India

Rakhi Sawant filed anticipatory bail petition in Bombay High Court, Sherlyn Chopra had made serious allegations

Rakhi Sawant filed anticipatory bail petition in Bombay High Court, Sherlyn Chopra had made serious allegations

Rakhi Sawant’s troubles are not taking the name of ending. Now he has filed an anticipatory bail petition in the Bombay High Court.


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Updated: Monday, January 23, 2023, 17:33 [IST]

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For the last few days, Rakhi Sawant is in trouble. It was recently reported that her marriage with Adil Khan was called off, though the two later reconciled. After this model Sherlyn Chopra filed a police complaint against Rakhi. He accused Rakhi of making his objectionable videos and photos viral on social media. Since then the sword of arrest is hovering over the actress. To avoid the same, she has reached the Bombay High Court.

According to information, Rakhi Sawant has moved the Bombay High Court to avoid arrest. His lawyer put an anticipatory bail petition there. Now the thing to be seen will be whether the actress gets relief from there or not. Just a few days ago, Sherlyn had informed by tweeting that she was taken into custody by the Amboli police on her complaint.

Worried about mother too
Let us tell you that Rakhi Sawant’s mother is battling cancer. Apart from this, he also had a brain tumor. Rakhi has been troubled for a long time due to her mother’s illness. Seeing the pain of Rakhi, many big personalities came forward to help her. In which the name of Mukesh Ambani is also included. Rakhi had told that the Ambani family has helped her in the treatment of her mother.

'Now Salman Khan...' Sherlyn Chopra gave statement after Rakhi Sawant's custody, said- 'My fight is sexual abuse...'‘Now Salman Khan…’ Sherlyn Chopra gave statement after Rakhi Sawant’s custody, said- ‘My fight is sexual abuse…’

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Adil accepts marriage
And recently, Adil accepted that he had married Rakhi. He shared the photo of Nikah and wrote the caption that now I am finally making this official announcement. I never said that I have not married you Rakhi, but I had some things to handle, so had to keep quiet. Happy marriage to both of us. With this tweet, the drama that had been going on for several weeks was over.

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Rakhi Sawant anticipatory bail petition in Bombay High Court Sherlyn Chopra

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