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Republic Day Parade: Duty Path made of Kingsway is now ready for the first Republic Day parade

Republic Day Parade: Duty Path made of Kingsway is now ready for the first Republic Day parade

Republic Day 2023 parade will take place for the first time on the path of democratic India by erasing the identity of slavery of the British rule.


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Published: Sunday, January 22, 2023, 10:27 [IST]

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The three-and-a-quarter-kilometer long road from Rashtrapati Bhavan to India Gate, which was called Rajpath, is now known as Kartavya Path. This name was approved by NDMC. After which the duty path was inaugurated by Prime Minister Modi in a grand program organized on 8 September 2022. Prime Minister Modi in his address to the nation on that occasion had said, ‘The path of duty is not just a path of bricks and stones. This is the living path of India’s democratic past and timeless ideals.

Actually, this 102 year old route was known as Kingsway before independence. Then from 1955, every year on 26 January i.e. Republic Day, the march past started with 9 to 12 regiments of the Indian Army and various military equipment like tanks and missiles. Later, on this occasion, the practice of displaying cultural glimpses of India through tableaus by the states and ministries was also added to it.

Named after the monarch of Britain
During the period of British imperialism, it was announced to replace Calcutta with Delhi as the capital of India. On this occasion, when King George V came to Delhi in 1911, the British authorities named this road Kingsway to welcome him. Actually, this name was given by Percival Spear, professor of history at St. Stephen’s College. Kingsway means King and Way means way, ie the way of the king. Famous architects Edwin Lutyens and Herbert Baker had built this road. Both these architects had given the work of construction of buildings and roads of Delhi to Sardar Narayan Singh. Sardar Narayan had laid heavy stones, sand and coal tar under the roads. With the use of this technique, the roads remain durable and also do not spread noise pollution.

Kingsway became Rajpath after independence
In 1955, the Chief Commissioner of Delhi prepared a detailed plan to rename streets and places in Delhi with British names. He prepared a note and sent it to Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru. Prime Minister Nehru read that note carefully and wrote a letter to the Union Home Secretary on 24 July 1955. In this letter, the Prime Minister writes, “I must say that the names given by the Chief Commissioner have no relation with the reality. This work has been done by Dr. Raghuveer.” However, in the same letter, the Prime Minister gave permission to change the names of only five roads and places in Delhi. These included Great Place to Vijay Chowk, Kings Way to Rajpath, Queens Way to Janpath, Princes Circle to 15th August Maidan and Albuquerque Road to Tees January Marg. He did not allow the other names to be changed saying, “I don’t think there is any need to change the names of other streets and places.” Three days later, on 27 July, a meeting of the Union Cabinet approved these proposed names.

Kingsway to Rajpath mere Hindi translation
The Government of India changed the name of Kingsway to Rajpath in 1955 but it was only the Hindi translation of Kingsway. This is also clear from a news published on July 13, 1956 in ‘The Times of India’ titled Changing New Delhi. In this Rajpath was addressed as the road for the royalty.

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new form of duty path
The duty path has been redeveloped in the past months. This also includes the renewal of the surrounding land. Now rain water harvesting along with modern irrigation system for parks and drainage has also been kept in mind. For greenery, 4,087 trees have been planted in an area of ​​3.9 lakh square meters. Apart from this a sewage recycling plant, drinking water facilities and public toilets are also available. Now there is also a facility to park 1125 cars and 40 buses. Four underpasses have been made here for the convenience of the visiting tourists. 900 lights including 114 modern indicators have been installed. Apart from this, boating facility has been started by redeveloping the canal spread over 19 acres on the side of the road.

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Kingsway Kartavya Path republic day parade 2023

Story first published: Sunday, January 22, 2023, 10:27 [IST]

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