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Robots: Now robots will be able to shoot humans! Criminals will be targeted accurately, know what is the new technology


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Published: Thursday, November 24, 2022, 19:08 [IST]

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Permit to Hunt for Robots:
The increasing use of science and technology in the world has made our life very easy. After the invention of robots and development in robotics, this technology is currently being used in every field from education to agriculture and defense. On the one hand, while robots have brought great convenience to human life, there are also dangers regarding it. Big news came out about the robot from a city in the US state of California. Where the police are demanding permission from the robot to shoot humans.

Permit to Hunt for Robots

San Francisco police asked for permission
The San Francisco City Police, located in the United States state of California, has sought permission from the administration to kill a robot. This is a new update regarding increasing automation and increasing power of robots. With the new developments in robotics giving a boost to the field of defense and security, robots are now being considered vital to encounter criminals.

Will be used in special circumstances
The Police Department (SFPD) of the US state of California already has 17 robots. Out of which there are about a dozen robots which are fully active. They have been used till now in inspection works after the bomb threat case came to the fore. According to SF Police spokesman Officer Robert Rueca, the permission for the robot to shoot criminals would be used in special circumstances. This would be a lethal robotic application of force.

threat to the job of sharp shooters
If robots are allowed to shoot, then the jobs of sharp shooters will be in danger. Because soon robots will take their place. There will be an important test regarding this in San Francisco. The San Francisco Police Department filed a petition with the city’s Board of Supervisors. In which permission has been sought to deploy robots as police force in some specific areas.

What is this special technology
Lethal Autonomous Weapon Systems (LAWS) is a specialized robotic system designed for security. Which is capable of killing any threatening suspects. LAWS are basically robots with arms. Although attempts were made to curb the use of force by robots. But later issued a statement taking the U-turn. It said, “there are many situations where the deployment of lethal force is the only option”. In such a situation, the police has sought permission from the robot to fire at humans in special circumstances.

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Robots able to shoot humans Criminals will be targeted accurately about robotics

Story first published: Thursday, November 24, 2022, 19:08 [IST]

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