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Rupee at record low, fell 42 paise to 80.38 against US dollar


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Updated: Thursday, September 22, 2022, 10:58 [IST]

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New Delhi, 22 September: There has been a big fall in the Indian rupee, where it fell 42 paise to 80.38 against the US dollar as soon as trading started on Thursday morning. With this, the rupee has reached the lowest level ever. Earlier on Wednesday, the Indian rupee closed at 79.9750 against the US dollar, while trading started at 79.79 on Wednesday morning. As soon as the rupee reaches the low level, the opposition has got an opportunity to attack the central government.


In fact, the dollar index had reached 110.87 on Wednesday, which is the highest level of two years. After this, the US central bank Federal Reserve announced to increase interest rates by 0.75 percent. He has taken this step to control inflation. The bank’s benchmark funds rate has increased from 3% to 3.25% after the third consecutive increase. According to experts, interest rates can go up to 4.6 percent by 2023, which will affect the economy of the whole world.

Why is the dollar getting stronger?
Actually, America’s economy is performing well after the Corona epidemic. There the inflation rate is high and the employment situation is also strong. Apart from this, other sectors are also doing well. Apart from this, the Federal Reserve is also taking many tough steps to control inflation, due to which the dollar is continuously strengthening.

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What does dollar strength mean?
If you go to America you have to buy dollars before that. After the strengthening of the dollar, now you have to pay 80.38 rupees to buy one dollar. At the same time, if an American comes to India, then he will get 80.38 rupees for one dollar. International trade is most affected by the strength of the dollar, as India trades with most countries in dollars.

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Rupee at record low, 80.38 against US dollar

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