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Sanjay don’t make Congress’s Mahabharata live! Who will be responsible for this?

Question on Sanjay Yadav’s absence in Annu’s nomination

During the nomination of Congress candidate Jagat Bahadur Annu, the entire Congress tried its best to show solidarity. But during this the absence of Bargi MLA Sanjay Yadav has created a hue and cry. In fact, how much and why Sanjay Yadav is angry with Annu or not, only he can tell openly. But he definitely told that his party’s mayoral candidate neither made any phone calls nor did he come to meet him after getting the ticket. Regarding the absence of the nomination rally, Yadav said that a day earlier, Rajya Sabha MP Vivek Tankha had called him, where he had mentioned the election busyness of the rural area of ​​his assembly. The Bargi MLA said that the Congress candidate had met the Rajya Sabha MP only here. Because the command of Tankhaji is on the head and eyes. Information about the enrollment rally program was also given on WhatsApp through Ashok Gupta.

Who will put an end to the tradition of factionalism?

Who will put an end to the tradition of factionalism?

Whatever be the election and whichever party is talked about, the glimpse of internal factionalism, estrangement is visible. In the urban body elections of MP, where the last date for submission of nomination papers is over. After the same two days i.e. by June 22, the entire board of the election ground will be ready with political pieces. Till then, the rebel candidates who have adopted a rebellious attitude will either withdraw their names or will continue to dig pits for their party in the election fray. But these small elections at the ward level are also being considered as the semi-finals of the assembly elections. In such a situation, to put an end to the tradition of factionalism in the Congress camp, where the top leaders are trying hard. So there is some other khichdi cooking inside the house.

The reaction of 'Annu' was not revealed

The reaction of ‘Annu’ was not revealed

Mayor’s candidate Jagat Bahadur Singh ‘Annu’ and MLA Sanjay Yadav have had a deep friendship for years. It is a common discussion in the city that when Annu became a councilor for the first time in the municipal elections, Sanjay Yadav had performed the religion of friendship. Now the same friend is in the fray to become the first citizen of the city, so different types of discussions have taken birth. Tried to know his side from Congress mayoral candidate on this issue but he could not be contacted. When the election campaign is gaining momentum and with BJP candidate Dr. Jitendra Jamdar, his entire strong organization is the party, the big question is how far the Congress will come out?

Wound was also found in the last municipal election

Wound was also found in the last municipal election

Many meanings are being extracted from this discussion of estrangement between the mayor candidate Jagat Bahadur ‘Annu’ and the MLA of his own party. Many people of Congress are also asking whether Mayor candidate Annu did not call other Congress MLAs also and did he not go to meet them too? Here in the political market, there is a lot of discussion about the fact that Sanjay Yadav was a victim of factionalism in the last municipal elections too. At that time Congress gave ticket to Yadav’s nephew from Banarasi Das Bhanot ward, but some people suddenly fielded an independent candidate from the same ward and defeated the nephew in the election.

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