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Satna: Maykhana became the emergency service of the Health Department, jams were being spilled


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Published: Wednesday, June 22, 2022, 11:35 [IST]

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Satna June 22:
The emergency service of the Health Department has now become a moving bar. Now patients are getting less alcoholics inside the ambulance. The proof of this is that these days jams are being spilled in the ambulances of Satna. On Tuesday, when the jams were being spilled in the ambulance, then the DHO and DCM reached there where the driver of the emergency including the patient was found drunk. The ambulance in which the jams were being spilled belongs to the health department and is attached to the Rampur Baghelan Community Health Center.


case of sajjanpur

Actually, an ambulance was standing on the road near Sajjanpur Bank Tirahe, when DCM Dr. Gyanendra Mishra and DHO Dr. Vijay Arakh were passing from there and seeing the ambulance parked on the road, he got down from his car and when the van doors opened then the inside view Seeing DHO’s senses were blown away. Seeing the ambulance standing in an emergency situation, they had come down to help, jams were being fought in it.

patient-driver, all family members

Ambulance number MP 19 JI 2961 which belongs to Rampur Baghelan CHC and its driver Ramsia Rawat who is an employee of RKS and patient Madhav Kol age 50 years and his family members were also drinking alcohol. The DHO and DCM had come to see the ambulance, understanding that there was no pregnant woman in it because the van was of Janani Express, while it was being fun, the big question is that after all, how did the patient of private doctor Manikchandra Gupta get the government ambulance? It is being told that the driver had taken the government vehicle for the sake of alcohol, although BMO Rampur Baghelan and CMHO are talking about action in the matter.

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english summary

The emergency service of the health department became the bar, jams were being spilled

Story first published: Wednesday, June 22, 2022, 11:35 [IST]

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