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Saurabh Kripal again raised questions on the Center because of being gay


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Updated: Friday, November 18, 2022, 0:42 [IST]

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The name of senior advocate Saurabh Kripal has been in discussion for the last few years. He was to be selected as a High Court judge, but the process has been stalled since 2017. Now he has raised questions on the intention of the Centre. Also clearly said that because of his homosexuality, his promotion as a judge has been stalled. If Saurabh Kirpal is appointed, he will be the first gay judge in the country.

Advocate Saurabh Kripal

In an interview given to news channel NDTV, Saurabh Kripal said that the reason for my stay in appointment is because I am gay. I don’t think the government necessarily wants to appoint an openly gay person to the bench. Questioning the collegium system, he said that this is the biggest problem with this system. They never tell why they take their decisions. The problem is also that the government is not following the law.

IB gave this report
Saurabh Kirpal’s appointment was recommended many years ago, but the Center did not consider it for almost 5 years. He has publicly accepted that he is gay. According to media reports, his name was proposed as a judge of the Delhi High Court, but the Intelligence Bureau (IB) report created a problem. In which it was told that Kirpal’s partner is a European citizen, who can pose a security risk.

Know who is Saurabh Kripal, who can become India's first gay judgeKnow who is Saurabh Kripal, who can become India’s first gay judge

On the other hand, based on the IB report, the Supreme Court collegium delayed taking a final decision on the recommendation related to Saurabh Kripal thrice between 2019 and 2020. Then in November 2021, the Collegium, headed by the then Chief Justice of India NV Ramana, approved the elevation of Kripal as a judge in the Delhi High Court, rejecting the Centre’s initial objections. Despite this, the central government has not announced his name.

Said this on collegium
On the other hand, on the collegium system, Saurabh Kirpal said that I am not one of those people who think that collegium is a good system. I think it has many flaws. It needs improvement. Perhaps the government should have some formal role in the appointment.

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