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Shah Rukh Khan’s Pathan has the spice of entertainment, but what is the message?

Shah Rukh Khan’s Pathan has the spice of entertainment, but what is the message?

In Pathan, Shah Rukh Khan is in the role of a detective who foils a big conspiracy against the country. But apart from Deshpress, there are some deep messages also hidden in this film.



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Updated: Thursday, January 26, 2023, 15:11 [IST]

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pathan movie


pathan movie

In a scene in Siddharth Anand’s new Bollywood action film Pathan, Pakistan’s ISI spy Rubina Mohsin (Deepika Padukone) asks Agent Pathan (Shah Rukh Khan) of Indian intelligence agency RAW (Research and Analysis Wing) if he is a Muslim. ?

In response, Pathan says that he does not know because he is an orphan and his parents left him in a cinema hall.

This answer may be like a film story but it also has some deep messages.

Actually, there is no religion bigger than earning at the box office for Bollywood films. The Indian Hindi film industry is counted among the secular and creative institutions of the country.

The way the society has changed in the last few years, it has also affected films. Films have also become polarised.

Films have also faced hate campaigns, bans and boycotts. This list also includes the controversy over the saffron color of Deepika Padukone’s bikini in the song Besharam Rang from Pathan.

return after four years

However, this short scene in the film Pathan reminds us of the return of an all-religion inclusive spirit in the film industry and the king of romance Shah Rukh Khan himself is seen making this appeal.

If we leave the cameo role of the film Brahmastra, then Shahrukh has returned to the screen after four years. Before Pathan, in 2018, Anand L. He was seen in Rai’s Zero.

Time is the most important thing for films like in the life of common people. In any other era, the media, fans and industry would consider Pathan to be a mainstream big starcast film and see if the film is worth the money in terms of entertainment.

But given the current political climate, Pathan has in a way become a movement to reclaim love in the age of hate.

Pathan is the fourth film in the Spy Universe series of Yash Raj Films. Earlier, Tiger in 2012, Tiger Zinda Hai in 2017 and War has come in 2019.

In such a situation, there is nothing new in Pathan. Pathan’s story can be summed up in one line – a RAW agent fighting another rogue agent Jim (John Abraham), who runs an extremist organization in corporate style and plans to destroy India with his biological weapon, Raktabeej. trying to destroy.

tight screenplay, strong dialogues

The story may be of one line but it is a long film in which flashback scenes come many times. The abundance of scenes connecting past and present is confusing. However, looking at the film, the climax can be guessed.

Keeping the mind and logic aside, Pathan is a spicy film which has every spice of entertainment. Apart from the beautiful scenes, it has a lot of action sequences where the audience’s breath starts to stop.

The screenplay written by Sridhar Raghavan is also very tight and the dialogues written by Abbas Tyrewala match the sensitivity and humor of Shahrukh Khan.

By the way, it is interesting to see how Shahrukh has adopted the narrative of patriotism prevalent in Bollywood these days. Although Shahrukh’s own stamp is visible in this too, he separates it from chauvinism and in general gives a human touch to his role.

The film’s screenplay revolves around the controversial issue of Article 370 of the Indian Constitution, showing Pakistan trying to interfere in India’s internal affairs and creating problems. The film Pathan also shows that India has the upper hand in this regional game of supremacy. Despite showing all this, the main character Pathan looks dignified.

pathan movie

Credit – YRF PR

pathan movie

strong villain

The enemies of Pathan and India may be from Pakistan, but in the role of Pathan, Shahrukh underlines that a few bad people cannot change the whole country, government and people.

Pathan mingles with a family during a mission in Afghanistan and celebrates Eid with them every year. He is an Indian agent, as well as the world’s largest soft power agent. There is also synergy between these two standards, just like Shahrukh’s popularity has spread to India and abroad.

Due to his romantic image on the film screen, Shahrukh is called the king of romance, but in Pathan, he has also been seen trying a manly image. Bare-chested and brazenly showing off his muscles in the sun, he plays a full-fledged action hero for the first time.

Pathan’s villain is seen whistling on Lata Mangeshkar’s song, ‘Aye mere watan ke logon’. His character is much stronger than the hero. His anger is given proper context, rationality and a touch of empathy which John Abraham plays with liveliness. Pathan also shows that even though the world is dominated by men, it is not a dangerous place for women, they have their own existence.

Padukone has definitely started singing in bikini but later she appears in a powerful and deadly role.

And there is Dimple Kapadia as Pathan’s boss who instills a sense of respect for her ultimate patriotism.

loads of action scenes

There is a lot of action in the film. It has dangerous stunt sequences which were shot on land, air, water and snow. In this, cars, helicopters and bikes have been used very well. The scenes have been shot at exotic locations in Spain, UAE, Turkey, Russia, Italy, France, Afghanistan and Siberia.

The film has a stunning action sequence of a train in Russia, while there is also a spectacular fighting sequence between virus-filled balls on the frozen Baikal Lake in Siberia.

Pathan’s agent is not only strong as iron and steel but he is also smart and humble. This is the kind of detective who can cry, fall in love and make fun of himself. In Pathan, glimpses of Laawaris, Khuda Gawah and Karan Arjun can also be seen. The heist of a safe in Moscow is beautifully juxtaposed with ‘Tu Hai Meri Kiran’ from the 1993 film Darr, although it also looks silly.

There is also a funny banter scene between Shah Rukh and Deepika where a crisis of trust arises between the two, as the respective agencies of the two countries do not trust each other, their romance leads to the ISI office being split between the agents. Jokingly referred to as a dating website.

Shahrukh Khan and John Abraham


Shahrukh Khan and John Abraham

Pathan is the funniest scene in the film, exemplifying the plight of Bollywood and the Khan trio – Shah Rukh, Salman and Aamir. For example, the film contains an extended reference to the Japanese art of kintsugi, how gold can be combined with broken pieces of pottery to create an even more beautiful and valuable work of art.

It is used in the film to combine wounded and retired agents to form a new unit called Joint Operations and Covert Research. Though it seems like Shah Rukh is talking about Bollywood, how it will get better after going through the current phase.

Well Pathan movie also has two mega entertaining scenes, it includes cameo of another superstar. There is a sequence right after the interval and in this you will see the use of colorful scarves which have become a fashion trend after Ek Tha Tiger.

The second is a good joke, which comes at the very end. The song Jab Jhoome Jo Pathan comes after the credits, in which Shahrukh Khan jokes about the aging of stars but also says that no one can replace them. Shahrukh is seen making fun of himself in this film and it is also getting the love of the audience.

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