‘Shia Tomato, Shia Onion’, clerics ruined tomatoes on the road by saying that they are infidels – न्यूज़लीड India

‘Shia Tomato, Shia Onion’, clerics ruined tomatoes on the road by saying that they are infidels

kafir tomato in pakistan

However, the information about which area of ​​Pakistan this video belongs to is not available at the moment, but the person who made the video says, ‘Why didn’t the punishment of Allah come on this community, why not the strictness of Allah on this community. ‘ This person says that tomatoes and onions have come from Iran as a help, but the clerics started wasting it by calling it Shia tomato, that too at a time when Pakistan is struggling with hunger and poverty and The government of Pakistan is constantly pleading for help from the international community. The Prime Minister of Pakistan himself has spread his hands in front of the world, after which countries like America, France and Turkey have come forward to help Pakistan. At the same time, donations are being sent to Pakistan from Iran’s side, but the clerics told that tomato and onion as kafir.

Getting help from France

The people of Pakistan have started wasting Iranian tomatoes, but the help from France has not yet raised its voice in Pakistan and Pakistan is taking help from that France, in whose name there was a lot of ruckus in Pakistan last year. And dozens of people were killed. The protesters said that the government of Pakistan should immediately end all relations with France, because the Prophet has been insulted in France. The government of then Prime Minister Imran Khan had to present a proposal to expel the outstanding French ambassador from the country. However, it was later revealed that there is no French ambassador in Pakistan. But, at this time when Pakistan is troubled by the severe floods, France has sent dozens of boats, medicines, relief materials and many items to help Pakistan, from which the government of Pakistan is saving the lives of its people.

Became poor, but bigotry did not

Became poor, but bigotry did not

The devastating monsoon rains and floods in Pakistan have caused heavy damage and worsened the situation in Pakistan already reeling under economic crisis after the Ukraine war. According to a Pakistan government report on Saturday, due to floods, Ukraine war and other factors, Pakistan may be forced to reduce its GDP growth rate from five percent to three percent for the financial year 2022-2023. At least a third of Pakistan has been submerged and there is a possibility of severe floods, said Major General Zafar Iqbal, chairman of Pakistan’s National Flood Response and Coordination Center (NFRCC), during a joint briefing for Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif and UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres. Due to this, Pakistan has suffered a loss of at least more than $ 30 billion. After which the Prime Minister of Pakistan has sought help from the world with outstretched hands and has expressed fears that the situation in Pakistan will worsen if help is not received.

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