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Shooting at Walmart store in Virginia, many feared dead

Once again the shooting incident in America has created fear in the hearts of the people. According to the information, there has been a shooting at the Walmart store in Virginia. Many people are feared to have been killed in this firing. Several people have died in Tuesday night’s shooting at a Virginia Walmart, according to police. Many others have also been injured. Police believe there was a shooter. He too is killed.

Heavy police force has been deployed outside the Walmart Store. During this, many emergency vehicles have also been instructed to be ready. The police have asked the local people to stay away from the spot.

Chesapeake Police spokesperson MPO Leo Kosinski has given this information. It is also being claimed in many reports that the firing was done by the manager of the store. He first fired at the staff and then shot himself. However, this has not been confirmed yet.

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