Sister surprised after returning from UK at brother’s wedding, people worried for the bride after watching the video – न्यूज़लीड India

Sister surprised after returning from UK at brother’s wedding, people worried for the bride after watching the video

Sister surprised after returning from UK at brother’s wedding, people worried for the bride after watching the video

Sister surprised after returning from UK at brother’s wedding


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Updated: Tuesday, January 24, 2023, 23:24 [IST]

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In brother’s marriage, the sister takes the lead and fulfills every responsibility, in the marriage of the boy, there are many rituals which are related to the sisters. In such a situation, if the sister does not come to the wedding, then every brother misses the most. Similar lack was affecting the family of Shraddha Shelar living in UK, but she surprised her brother and father and mother by reaching the wedding hall at the last moment. This video full of love is becoming fiercely viral on social media, which people are very fond of.

Actually, Shraddha who went to UK was also sad because of not being able to attend her brother’s wedding. When Shraddha’s heart started getting heavy after not attending her brother’s wedding, she left everything and decided to fly back to India on the next flight and surprised her family with the wedding. By suddenly reaching brother’s wedding, he made a plan to surprise brother and father and mother. People are showering love fiercely on the video going viral on social media.

Shraddha Shelar’s video at brother’s wedding is going viral on the internet. A video posted by him on Instagram shows Shelar running through the crowd to the wedding. The clip shows her parents beaming with joy and moving in to hug her.

The caption of the video read, “The story behind the shocking surprise..! Family is very important wherever you are, you have to be there for them no matter what I feel..! Bhi kuch bhi my mom dad are my life and they make me cry with joy and tears of joy.

This video posted on 9th December 2022 has garnered over 3 lakh views and over 42,000 likes on Instagram. While some got emotional after watching the video, others didn’t like the surprise entry and many argued that it took away attention from the bride. One user wrote, “I have a slight feeling for the bride. Love and All the limelight should be on him. I understand the love for his brother but the timing could have been different.”

Another user wrote, “Don’t you think it was the bride’s day and your brother’s day and you shouldn’t have stolen the limelight and attention that he should have got? I found the surprise completely inappropriate. If you have a Took a flight the day before so the surprise was good enough you should be home. Sorry didn’t enjoy the post. We live in an age where brothers attending a wedding is surprising, weird. there is time.

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english summary

Sister did surprise after returning from UK at brother’s wedding Seeing the video, people got angry and said – it took away the attention from the bride.

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