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Snan Niyam: What are the rules of bathing in holy rivers?

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Updated: Friday, November 25, 2022, 8:41 [IST]

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Snan Niyam in River: Often people go to bathe in holy rivers like Ganga, Narmada, Godavari etc. during various festivals, Amavasya, eclipse or other Tithi-yoga coincidences. They go with the aim of earning merit in special circumstances, but due to not knowing the correct rules of bathing and taking a dip in the rivers, they do not get the full result. Similarly, some rules have been made for bathing the deities, it is necessary to follow them.

  Bathing Rules:

rules for bathing god

If you are giving bath to God in your home, then some special things are put in his water and he is bathed. Bathing is not done with empty water. Damanak or Dauna Patra, Belpatra, Kaner and Kamal flowers should be put in the bath water. If these things are not available, then put Akshat, Gandh and flowers in the bath vessel and get them bathed with Vedic mantras. Apart from this, giving oil bath to the deity is prohibited on Tuesday, Tithikshay, Dwadashi Tithi and during eclipse.

bath rules for humans

  • Smret gangadika nadyo vishnursivadi devatah.
  • Nabhimatre burnt status mantrametdudirayet.

It means standing in the water up to the navel, one should bathe while remembering Gangadi rivers, pilgrimages and Vishnu-Shivadi deities. If you are taking bath in any holy river, then standing in the water at a safe place in the river, the part of the body till the navel should be immersed in water. Along with this, keep remembering your favorite God, Guru, Vishnu, Shiva and holy rivers. Similarly, while taking a bath, at least once after closing both the nostrils with the help of forefinger and thumb, immerse the head in water for a few moments. After that, fill water in Anjuli and offer Arghya to the Sun God. Do not squeeze wet clothes in the same river after bath. Do not immerse sewage in the river, do not emit any dirt from spitting, ear, nose, mouth in the river.

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Snan Niyam or Bathing Rules is very important. Know details about the Snan Niyam or Bathing Rules in River.

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