‘Some people keep abusing Modi in the morning and evening, but…’ PM lashed out at KCR in Telangana without naming him – न्यूज़लीड India

‘Some people keep abusing Modi in the morning and evening, but…’ PM lashed out at KCR in Telangana without naming him


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Published: Saturday, November 12, 2022, 16:21 [IST]

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PM Modi Target TRS: Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed BJP workers in Telangana on Saturday. During this, he fiercely targeted Telangana CM KCR and his party TRS without naming them. The PM, who visited Telangana, without naming Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao, accused him of corruption and dynastic politics. Addressing the public meeting, PM Modi said that I regret that those who flourished, progressed, got power in the name of Telangana, they themselves went ahead, but pushed Telangana backward. With the power of Telangana, the talent of the people of Telangana, the government and the leaders continue to do injustice.

PM Modi targets Trs

With this, PM Modi further said that some people keep abusing Modi morning and evening due to despair and frustration. But there is no need to worry about it. Joke those abuses over tea. Lotus is about to bloom the next day, move forward in this happiness. Because they have nothing left except abusing.

While addressing the people, PM Modi said that, people ask me why he does not get tired even after working hard? I don’t get tired because I eat 2-3 kg of abuse everyday. With the blessings of God the abuses given to me turn into nutrition.

PM Modi appealed to the workers and said that some people use abusive words for Modi due to frustration, fear and superstition. I request you not to get carried away by these gimmicks. PM Modi said, ‘If abusing me and the BJP improves the condition of Telangana and the lives of the people, then continue abusing us, but if my opposition thinks it can abuse the people of Telangana , then it will not be tolerated. Speaking about the recent Munugode bypoll result, PM Modi said that the BJP’s performance even in defeat showed that the sun will rise and the lotus will bloom across Telangana.

'When the world is facing crisis, India is setting new records' - PM Modi in Visakhapatnam‘India is setting new records when the world is facing crisis’- PM Modi in Visakhapatnam

PM Modi said that the people of the country should know what is happening here in Telangana in the name of superstition. If Telangana is to develop, remove it from backwardness, then it must first remove all kinds of superstitions here. This city is a fort of information and technology. It is very sad when I see that superstition is being promoted in the modern city. It seems that the government here has given superstition a state mandate.

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english summary

PM Modi said in Telangana, I get two-three kilos gaali every day

Story first published: Saturday, November 12, 2022, 16:21 [IST]

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