#StoryForGlory: Competition between thousands of storytellers, Dailyhunt and Adani group selected 12 storytellers, know the motive – न्यूज़लीड India

#StoryForGlory: Competition between thousands of storytellers, Dailyhunt and Adani group selected 12 storytellers, know the motive


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Published: Thursday, September 29, 2022, 21:25 [IST]

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New Delhi, 29 September : Content provider in local language India’s leading platform Dailyhunt has discovered 12 promising new storytellers in India. After weeks of rigorous training and selection process, these storytellers have been selected under the hashtag #StoryForGlory. Story for Glory is a hugely successful initiative of Dailyhunt. Under this, thousands of storytellers participated under #StoryForGlory. Out of these 12 people were selected.

Story For Glory 12 winners Dailyhunt AMG

Talent Hunt- Under #StoryForGlory, a competition between thousands of storytellers, Dailyhunt and Adani group selected 12 storytellers

Winners in Video & Print Category

Story for Glory was organized in association with Dailyhunt and AMG Media Networks. AMG is a platform backed by the leading trade conglomerate Adani Group. Storytellers from across the country got an opportunity to participate under #StoryForGlory. The national level talent hunt initiative – #StoryForGlory culminated with the felicitation of 12 winners. The winners were selected in the video and print categories.

emphasis on creative content

Thousands of unique voices were provided a platform under unique initiatives like #StoryForGlory. The participants got an opportunity to start their career in journalism and shape the media ecosystem with creative content.

When and how did the talent hunt happen?

The talent hunt – #StoryForGlory that started in May saw content creators compete in many other formats apart from video and written formats. Participants creating digital content were given the opportunity to showcase India’s rich and diverse stories in their own ways across categories such as current affairs, news, science, technology, art and culture. Thousands of candidates submitted applications to participate in the competition. Out of these 20 talented participants were shortlisted.

focus on developing skills

The shortlisted candidates went through an eight-week long fellowship and a two-week teaching program at the premier media institute, MICA. After rigorous training, the participants worked on their final project for six weeks. During this period he also received advice from major media publishing firms. Throughout the program the participants focused on developing their skills. Storytelling has improved. Along with learning, the participants also got the experience of making the content effective.

Which giants chose 12 winners

The esteemed jury of Talent Hunt selected 12 contestants under #StoryForGlory. in jury members Virendra Gupta, founder of Dailyhunt Along with 6 more veterans were involved.

  • Sanjay Puglia, CEO and Editor-in-Chief, AMG Media Networks Ltd.
  • Anant Goenka, Executive Director, The Indian Express.
  • Anupama Chopra, Founder, Film Companion.
  • Shelly Chopra, Founder, SheThePeople.
  • Nilesh Mishra, Founder, Gaon Connection.
  • Pankaj Mishra, Co-Founder, Factor Daily.

Commitment to shape India’s story

While felicitating the winners, Virendra Gupta, Founder, Dailyhunt, said that Dailyhunt is committed to shaping India’s media ecosystem and providing a platform to talented individuals to hone their skills. He said, “We have been able to leverage technology to discover India’s vibrant and talented pool of storytellers. The digital news and media space, especially in the art of storytelling, is at the forefront. Through the #StoryForGlory initiative Dailyhunt is committed to shaping the story of India. Speaking about Story for Glory, Gupta said, “The platform gives an opportunity to the media ecosystem and budding storytellers from India to develop their skills and share their passion with the world. .

The #StoryforGlory initiative aims at ‘Good Content’

Sanjay Puglia, CEO and Editor-in-Chief of AMG Media Network Limited, a subsidiary of Adani Enterprises Limited, said, India is a land of storytellers as well as rich and diverse stories. With Dailyhunt, AMG Media Network is able to identify the next generation of historians in India. We provide the necessary support and platform to storytellers to hone and develop their skills. On the response to Story for Glory, he said, “The response we have received has been overwhelming. The #StoryforGlory initiative reflects our continued commitment to great content. Explores ways to provide India’s most talented creators the opportunity to take creative approaches to life.

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english summary

After a rigourous training and selection process that lasted weeks, India’s leading local language content platform Dailyhunt has finally discovered 12 new promising storytellers in India with its highly-successful initiative #StoryForGlory.

Story first published: Thursday, September 29, 2022, 21:25 [IST]

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